From now on, every time a Republican says "Obama" when talking about foreign policy and terrorism, they should instead say "Obama and Hillary Clinton"

Here’s a new, and abbreviated, “talking point” for all Republicans.

It’s way past obvious that the war on terror is going to shape, if not outright define, the 2016 presidential election. What happened in San Bernardino  last week is just beginning to percolate through the polls, and they’re only going to worsen for Obama, as the American people realize that their president has, well….NOTHING to say or offer, other than a few recycled banal platitudes.

As Hillary continues her somnambulistic  stroll to the Democrat nomination, her biggest problem isn’t which Republican she will face; rather, it’s how can she possibly separate herself from Obama many fails.

I don’t think she can, but Republicans should make it as hard as possible for her to do so. And there’s one easy way they can accomplish that.

Every time any  Republican, be it a presidential candidate, or a member of Congress, or  any GOP elected or party official speaks about Obama’s foreign policy blunders, and his failure to fight radical jihadi Islamic terrorism, instead of saying “Obama,”..instead phrase it as”Obama and Hillary Clinton.

And do it over, and over, and over,  each and every time, incessantly, until it becomes automatic. Condition the American electorate. Think Pavlov.

First of all, it’s true. She worked for Obama for 4 years, she ran his foreign policy. She OWNS this mess just as much as he does.

Second, the technique works. Absolutely.

Go back a decade or so, back to when Democrats decided that politics did NOT end at the water’s edge, and they told us at every opportunity that “dissent was patriotic”..they also used the words “miserable failure” every time they said the words “Bush” and Iraq.”

It was incessant. It was everywhere. Every speech in Congress, every talk show, every press conference. And it was also effective. At the time I wrote that if an alien had suddenly landed on our planet in 2007, he would have thought that our  president’s full name was George Miserable Failure Bush.

And because Americans are paying attention to the GOP primary contest, the “Obama and Hillary Clinton” meme will percolate down into the consciousness of the voters, even some LIVs.

So then, what’s good for the goose, etc…..