Is the terrorist attack in California the death knell for Hillary?

After 14 Americans have died, with 17 more wounded, in the largest terrorist attack since 9/11; it is inevitable that we begin to assess the political implications of this event on the 2016 election.

Some may feel it is callous and cynical to do so, even before the funerals have ended; yet time and tide wait for no man.

The Democrats and the MSM are so busy spinning the attack that they are the ones who are suffering from political vertigo, and I believe they are the ones who will crash and burn.


Obama, while always eager to get out in front of certain events that conform to his worldview; i.e. Ferguson and Trayvon Martin, has ducked the implications of the California attack. He’s continued with the fiction that Americans are safe at home.

The White House, and most Democrats, still will not use the words “radical Islamic terror.”

Our pathetic AG is more concerned about potential slights against Muslims than with the lives of the rest of us.

Three Democrat congressmen have actually gone to pray at a mosque in Virginia with known multiple terrorist ties.

Obama and Democrats attempt to push gun control as the means to preventing future incidents. As if!

We are told that the tens of thousands of Syrians that Obama wants to let into the country will be subjected to the most “rigorous and stringent vetting process that absolutely ever was.” While at the same time we learn how easy it was for  jihadi bride Tashfeen Malik to lie multiple times on her visa applications as she shuttled between the US, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. Will Obama even dare to utter that canard again?

I could go on, and on. The list is endless. The venality and stupidity of Democrats and liberals is monumental. But let me summarize what I think it all means.

The Obama administration is in total melt-down. They have no answer, more importantly, they know they have no answer,  and all they hope to do now is run out the clock for the next 12 months. Obama has succeeded in replacing Jimmy Carter as the most pathetic and inept President ever.

But anyone who thinks that Hillary will be able to somehow differentiate and disentangle herself from Obama is totally delusional.

The Democrat primary now resembles the phoney war..the period  of WW II from Sept 1939 to April 1940, when nothing happened. It’s pure kabuki theater…Hillary is going through the motions. (BTW, I can’t wait for the first person to ask Bernie if he STILL considers global warming to be the greatest threat we Americans face.)

The Republicans are now on the cusp of a severe culling of the candidate herd, and the infighting is intense. But once we have a nominee, then it’s a whole different story.

By then, the average American will be paying close attention, and if the campaign devolves into the Republican promising to keep us safe, vs Hillary saying she should be elected because she has a vagina, well..

As the phoney Democrat primary continues, keep an eye on Comey and the FBI. Of late they have shown an increasing desire for independence from their political masters at  Justice and the WH. In the terrorist attack, they’ve gotten way out ahead of the WH in calling it a terrorist attack. This wouldn’t have happened a few years earlier. And the FBI continues its investigation of Hillary’s multiple email security violations and breaches.

What is likely to happen is that they will build a solid case for indicting her (destroying both her campaign and the national Democrat party in the process.) Of course, Justice will stall, spin, and do nothing.

At which time everything, and I mean everything will leak. Transoms all over Washington are being greased, in anticipation of having to handle voluminous amounts of material passing over them.

All of which is absolutely no consolation whatsoever to the families and loved ones of the 14 Americans who died this week. We should remember them in our prayers.

But it is quite possible that their deaths will end up having a far greater impact than anyone could have imagined during their lifetimes.