Josh Earnest just stepped in it, BIG TIME!

WH Press Secretary  Josh Earnest was on “Fox & Friends” this morning, and got into a rather contentious discussion with Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

It’s been all over the internet.  But of course, everyone’s missing the key point to come out of Earnest’s comments.

At the end, Steve Doocey asked Earnst about the growing opposition to admitting Syrian refugees to the US, as fears increase of Islamic terrorists sneaking into the US rise, and most governors oppose the plan.

Here’s the clip, but just go to the the last minute, at the 5:50 mark:

Earnest recounts the administration’s vigorous and exhaustive vetting program, and then says…..(wait for it)…it will take “18 to 24 months before ANY Syrian refugees can complete the vetting process and be admitted to the US.”

Unless the Constitution has been changed in the last 48 hours (and with Obama you never know) he’ll be out of office long before the first Syrian refugee can set foot on these shores.

So, there you have it.

Every Republican presidential candidate should make this promise:

“Immediately upon taking the oath of office, I will sign an order suspending the process of admitting ANY Syrian refugees to our country.”

And if Hillary Clinton want to run on her vow to bring in even more than the 65,000 Obama wants, well, I say.. “you go, girl!!!”