If Obama moves to close Gitmo by executive order, Republicans MUST immediately impeach; or we no longer have any semblance of a constitutional republic

Rumors are beginning to emerge that Obama is planning his latest effort to subvert the Constitution by ordering Gitmo closed, and the transfer of the remaining prisoners to prisons in the US.

Should he take this action, congressional Republicans will have absolutely NO option but to commence impeachment. If they fail to act, then they might at well shut Congress down; for we will no longer have a constitutional republic.

Obama has previously committed multiple impeachable offenses, yet Republicans have chosen to look the other way, turn the other cheek; likely for fear of the “political consequences” of impeaching the nation’s first black president.

And Obama is obviously counting on them to fold, to go away, as  they have done previously. We can be thankful that Boehner is gone; otherwise the issue would be very much in doubt. Ryan, I believe, will be a totally different matter.

But this, should it come to pass, is their BOHICA moment. They must act. Failure to do so is not an option.

And because impeachment will always be depicted by the Democrats and the MSM as a “political” decision, Republicans must not fear the political consequences; rather they should embrace them.

The House will vote to impeach overwhelmingly. Any Republican who does not vote to impeach will likely face a primary, and probably defeat.  The people’s House is the best barometer of the mind and will of the American electorate, and Americans do  not want terrorists transported to their homes, and also then bestowed with all the rights and privileges of our criminal justice system.

This will be [mc_name name=’Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’R000570′ ]’s first trial by fire. The day Obama signs the executive order closing Gitmo, the House must introduce a Bill of Impeachment, and move to pass it expeditiously.  The House cannot adopt its usual fall back position of suing the President in federal court.  Either Congress is a co-equal branch, or the Constitution is nothing more than an old piece of parchment.

The Senate will be a different story. 67 votes are required to convict, and the Republicans would need 13 Democrats. It would be a stretch; let us have no doubt about the fact.

However, because of the political implications, Democrats would be forced to wage the 2016 election on one key issue. Do they agree with the President’s decision, or not?

Will Hillary tell us that she’ll reveal how she feels after she’s sworn in; that she doesn’t want to “impact an ongoing process?”

Good luck trying that.

Note that immediately the issue of executive overreach…the basis for impeachment…goes away. Instead, it gets framed on whether or not they support Obama’s decision to close Gitmo and bring the prisoners to the US.

And because the most  Americans do not want this; it would all but guarantee that Republicans keep the Senate in 2016, even picking up a seat or two.

Which brings us then to 2018 when, 23 Democrat held seats in the Senate are up. None of the 10 GOP held seats is at any real risk, but you could see 10+ Democrat seats flip, especially if those senators vote not to convict.

There have been several excellent studies recently showing how Obama has decimated the Democrat party at the state and local levels. If he goes down this path, and the Republicans fight it, Obama will destroy the Democrat party as a national entity.

However, if Republicans fail to act; if they acquiesce in this shredding of the Constitution; then there is absolutely no reason for the GOP to continue to exist.

It will dies, as it should, and something far better will rise from the ashes.