Barack "wretched fiasco" Obama............

It was just about a decade ago that Democrats owned up that for them, politics doesn’t stop at the water’s edge…..indeed, it runs straight across the oceans direct to Bagdad.

Though having mostly supported the Iraq war, even those who were “for it before they were against it,” Democrats took every opportunity to rail against and eviscerate the war.

Indeed, an individual hitherto unfamiliar with the President might well have thought that Bush’s middle names were “miserable failure” instead of Walker, so often did Democrats repeat the cadence of George Miserable Failure Bush at every opportunity.

It resulted in a vile instance of Googlebombing: typing “miserable failure” into Google brought up “whitehouse.gov/president”

Well, W. backed the surge in Iraq, and ultimately managed to more than stabilize the country.

And then came Obama. And seven years (and counting) of totally screwing up the Middle East. No need here to recount failure after failure after failure.

Which suggest that our President has more than earned his own sobriquet.

What better describes Obama’s policies than “wretched fiasco.”

And so, my fellow Red Staters, for the next 14 months, every time I have occasion to write the President’s name here, it shall be with the complete identifier:

Barack Wretched Fiasco Obama