So, what would House Republicans do if EVERY Republican presidential candidate tonight calls on them to vote against the budget deal?

There is a GOP presidential debate tonight on CNBC.

There is also a horrible budget deal just waiting for a vote in the House. The latest episode of GOP(e) Failure Theater is all set to go.

What’s uncertain as I write is if the bill will be called up late tonight, after the debate, or it will get carried over until tomorrow.

[mc_name name=’Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’R000570′ ] the Speaker-in-waiting, yesterday said this bill was horrible, a travesty but today, “mirabile dictu”  he’s suddenly all gung-ho for it.

The debate tonight is on the economy, so it would seem that the budget deal should be the hot topic.

The stage is set for the moderator to ask is ANY of the candidates supports the bill. Anyone who says yes is done as a candidate. They might just as well pick up their podium and walk off the stage.

But the real measure will be the degree of the opposition. I fully expect EVERY one to say they oppose the bill; I hope all of them will call on House Republicans to vote it down.

What I really want is another Carly Fiorina moment, like her impassioned (dare I say it?) “dismemberment” of Planned Parenthood for their brutal abortions procedures.

The stage is set for Carly, and/or Ted, and maybe a few others to clearly state the conservative principals of governance we want to reinstitute in the Capitol; those same principals that got the House Republicans their majority (and not so they could pass a hideous bill like this)

So, Republican candidates, and professed conservatives; if they want a war; let it begin here, tonight. Otherwise, if one of you is indeed elected President, you will be sworn in with the knowledge that your first budget was actually drawn up by Obama.

And while we’re taking no prisoners, the House Freedom Caucus should move the Motion to vacate the chair. Boehner’s the one responsible for this travesty, so shove him out the door today.