Democrats going all-in to support Hillary; likely repeating their 1998 mistake defending Bill.

The entire Democrat apparatus, including most of the MSM is now going all out after the Benghazi committee, in advance of Hillary Clinton’s appearance this Thursday.

If they can discredit the committee as politically motivated, then they hope that anything that results from the hearing that damages Clinton can be dismissed as partisan.

It’s worked in the past, but typically with Democrats, they never consider the long term implications of their actions; only the immediate short-term objective.

In 1998, right after the House voted Articles of Impeachment against Bill Clinton, all the House Democrats left the Capitol, and boarded buses for the ride up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. There, led by cheerleader in chief Al Gore, who extolled Clinton’s virtues to the soon-to-be-globally warming heavens, they held a pep rally to back their guy, Slick Willie.

And they succeeded in scaring enough GOP senators (including that distinguished Scottish jurist Arlen “not proven” Spector) that Bubba got off (dare I say it?) “scot free.”

However, they never really considered an alternative scenario; so determined were they to “win one for the rapist.”

Suppose instead that the Democrat leaders in the Senate had gone to Clinton and told him that he had to resign; otherwise they would vote to convict.

Al Gore would then have become president, and most importantly, he’d have been running in 2000 as a sitting President, with all the power, machinery, and yes (though it’s hard to imagine it as concerns Gore) majesty of the office behind him.

Remember, back then we were pretty much at peace throughout the world. The economy was roaring; as was the stock market….the dot.com boom was still in full swing.

Gore, riding this momentum, as well as enjoying the thanks of a grateful nation for FINALLY ending a decade of perpetual Clinton scandals, would have won in a near landslide (and still have been eligible to run in 2004)

So things really didn’t work out that well for the Democrats: they lost what would have been a near sure thing in 2000.

Of course, it worked out well for the country. The mere thought of Al Gore in the Oval Office on 9/11 can still induce panic.

But now, the Democrats are determined to defend Hillary at all costs before the committee; ignoring all the evidence..instead choosing to make it a political clash. And doing so, stupidly, while the FBI probe continues, and more and more emails will be made public over the coming months.

They have hitched their fortune, their future…. to an old, lame, broken-down harridan, and she is going to take them all down with her.