OMG! TWO HUNDRED Americans were killed this past week in terrorist attacks by radical Islamic "lone wolves"

No doubt you’re looking for the screaming beacon on Drudge, or wondering if you really should stop drinking….

As the next Intifada gears up in Israel, this past week FIVE Israelis were killed by Palestinians in random attacks.


The population of Israel is 8 million

The population of the US is 320 million ( give or take millions of illegals)

FIVE dead Israelis is the equivalent of TWO HUNDRED Americans killed.

Had that in fact occurred this past week, would we now be hearing calls  from our leaders for:

a) calm

b) understanding

c) warning us NOT to jump to any conclusions about  all Muslims

d) an even-handed response

e) a WH conference to address the “concerns” of Muslims

f) all of the above


Just something to think about this Monday morning.