Ask Hillary why she wants to hand every person who sneaks in here illegally $10,000?

One of the most shocking statements to come out of the Democrat debate was Clinton’s willingness to extend Obamacare subsidies to illegals. It boggles the mind, yet Republicans are pretty much giving her a pass on it.

Words matter, and the left continues to be very successful at shaping the debate. Republicans have to confront them on it.

The idea of giving Obamacare subsidies to illegals can be construed as somehow being “compassionate,”..supposedly “doing the right thing.”

When LIBERAL became a dirty word in politics..PROGRESSIVE instantly became the term of art. Illegal aliens became illegal immigrants ( which itself is an oxymoron) and then evolved to “undocumented.”

Calculating Obamacare subsidies  is a somewhat complex process, with several factors. Illegals, with no income, would be eligible to the biggest sums…and of course, as they have no means of paying the deductibles or co-payments, that also falls on the American taxpayer.

Let’s say that total amount is about $10,000 per year. (I’ll leave it to others to do more precise calculations)

So then, let’s revive the $10,000 bill.  Liberals want to put a woman on US currency…OK…the GOP should print up facsimile/faux $10,000 bills, with Hillary’s picture on them, and wording to the effect that it is “redeemable only by persons in the country here illegally.”

Print up millions, and distribute them everywhere..