Hillary: "I was for the TPP before I was against it.."

You’d think she’d learn by now.

A short while ago, Hillary Clinton announced her opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership. The TPP is the crown jewel of Obama’s agenda…the same Obama who was her boss for 4 years, who rescued her by giving her State, and yes, the same TTP that she herself not to long ago hailed as the “gold standard of trade deals.”

It’s obvious  that Clinton has launched her own von Schlieffen offensive against Sanders, determined to “keep the left flank strong” at all costs.

Those 20-30,000 crowds of adoring supporters that Bernie can easily conjure up, compared with her pathetic, catatonic rooms of a few hundred bused in, and likely paid, “enthusiasts” must be keeping her awake nights. It’s Halloween, and Bernie is, well..scary.

So, she’s decided to borrow a line from Kerry,  and tie herself in knots, before screwing herself into the ground. That didn’t work out too well for “he-who-was-in-Vietnam.”

If you think her explanations on her emails and home-brewed server are convoluted and complicated, well, you ain’t heard nothing yet.

It’s obvious that she felt she had to do this in advance of the debate next week, lest Sanders, and what’s his name hammer her on it incessantly.

However, in an effort to outflank Sanders, and try and win the nomination, she had no doubt succeed in pissing off Obama. As of now, the ONLY Democrat running, ( or even thinking about running) for the White House who supports TPP is..ta da!!!!  Joe Biden.

So, Hillary may just have cut off her pipeline to try and save her candidacy.

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