Something is rotten in the state of...the Department of State

Well now, seems there’s more news about Hillary’s emails. Those poor, overworked and underpaid minions at State, laboring under brutal air conditioned conditions, have just discovered a new string of emails between Hillary and Gen Petraeus ( no doubt discussing  the respective merits of “mudras”  vs. the “downward dog”, or what size chocolate chips to use when baking cookies).

These emails were subpoenaed some three years age. First we were told they didn’t exist, then..big oopsie..they do.

This is part of a years long effort by political staff at State to delay compliance with multiple FOIA requests, court orders, and congressional subpoenas.  It has been organized by Clinton and her top staff,  Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and Philippe Raines. It has continued under John Kerry’s watch. He has been far too busy caving to Iran to realize that Patrick Kennedy and Heather Sameulson (who magically shape-shifts between State and the Clinton campaign in seconds) have engaged in a coordinated campaign of lying deception, and obstruction.

It is obvious  that there is something very, very wrong at State. Vanderberg’s oft-repeated 1947 observation, that “politics should stop at the water’s edge” hasn’t been valid since 1949, but in the years since 9/11, it has been completely demolished.

The state of the Dept of State is rotten..to the core. The next president MUST appoint a Secretary who, in  addition to directing a foreign policy designed to protect the US and our allies, and advance our interests abroad, and confront our enemies…will attack the rot and corruption at State; go in and swing the axe..clean out the place like Hercules did to the Auchean stables.

Fortunately, such an individual exists.

His name is John Bolton.

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