Hillary has "jumped the shark"....er, Lena Dunham

Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the White House is over:  finished, kaput, dead, toast, done……

It’s not the emails, or her lies,  or the Clinton Foundation money scandals, or her total inability to be sincere and connect with people.

Nope, her campaign has simply just had its “jump the shark” moment.

The term “jump the shark” originally referred to when a TV show demonstrates that it has run out of ideas; it is well past its “use by” date.

It originated with  an episode of “Happy Days”, and ABC sitcom that ran from 1974 to 1984. However in a 1977 episode, the Fonz, waterskis over a shark, for absolutely no apparent, or remotely cogent reason:


The show ambled on after that moment for years, with continually declining ratings, until it was finally killed off.

So now grandma Hillary, she who is behind Bernie Sanders by a boatload, attempting to seem hip, and appeal to millennials…has sat for an interview with…Lena Dunham.

Dunham is well…weird..a truly strange, hyper sexed screwed up whack job..and that’s about the nicest things one can say about her. Seems the two talk about lots of good stuff…like Bubba’s marriage proposals and Lenny Kravitz’ penis.

You can read all  about it, in the NY Post’s Page Six,  here

Even Amy Schumer can’t stand it..and if Hillary has lost Amy Schumer…well…’nuf said.

No debates, no interviews, no press conferences, no town hall meetings.

This is a dying campaign. The limbs are still twitching, but the body is terminal. Anyone who could think this was somehow a “good idea” should be shot, and any candidate who goes along with the idea is so over.

It’s just a question of when it happens…who or what pushes her over the edge..


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