Is the leak about the FBI recovering Hillary's emails designed to cancel her testimony to the Benghazi committee?

Last night the news broke that the FBI has recovered the missing Clinton emails…those she had called “personal” and had been deleted.

First, realize that this information was leaked by an anonymous source “close to the investigation.” The FBI has only said that its investigation is expected to take several more months, and it would release nothing until it is completed.

Clinton is scheduled to testify before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Oct 22. With her email scandal continually in the news, and who knows what more damaging information to surface in the next 30 days, one can assume that she is looking forward to this appearance with the same trepidation that one contemplates a simultaneous root canal and sigmoidoscopy.

After attempting to avoid testifying for several months, by insisting on certain conditions..she ultimately had to agree to appear before the committee, and the Oct. 22nd date was scheduled.

In the interim, there’s been lots of legal maneuvering between State, Judicial Watch ( via its many FOIA filings,) and several federal court judges attempt to  accelerate the release of documents. Indeed, we’ve been told that State Dep’t employees have been laboring under “near inhumane conditions” and “great stress” to produce the documents. (Makes you want to puke, but that’s a subject for another diary…how the next SecState has to clean the place out top-to-bottom, like Hercules with the Augean stables. A perfect job for John Bolton)

However, there is one thing that Chairman Gowdy has stated repeated, and forcefully; that he would not schedule Clinton’s appearance before the committee until he was reasonably confident that the committee had received all of Clinton’s relevant emails.

And quite properly so. If she’s only going to testify once, he’d better make sure he has all the material he needs to question her.

Well, hello!!!!

We’ve just been told that there are now some 30,000 MORE emails that have just become available. Who knows what they contain?

We do know that there is no way that Gowdy is going to get to see any of the new emails for several months. We are going to be treated to endless recitations of “we can’t interfere with an ongoing investigation……etc…”

The Oct 22nd hearing was already a big problem for Hillary. It was going to last for hours…with lots of tough questioning, and she doesn’t do well under those conditions. And of course, who knows what she might be asked..or she might answer.  (Wipe it? Like with a cloth?) The potential for disaster is high.

If we thus assume she desperately wants to get out the hearing, how to do so?

1. Just cancel. Wouldn’t work..she’d look like she was hiding something.

2. Pull a Lois Lerner. Appear, take the 5th, then accuse the GOP of conducting a political with hunt, and leave. Ummm..no!

3. Claim a sudden medical emergency. That’ll work..even garner her some sympathy, but will reinforce the reports that she suffers from many health issues. Nope. Not good.

3a. The day before, get Bill to go to the ER claiming chest pains. Aha! Eureka!..Now that could work!

4. Cancel, claiming a scheduling conflict. Unbeknownst to her, Huma several months ago scheduled Hillary to appear the same date at a Rotary meeting in Davenport, Iowa. Clinton won’t disappoint these good folks. Huma said she emailed Hillary the schedule, but, well…with all these emails flying around all over the place….


Now we’re getting somewhere.

If we are to take Gowdy at his word, then he has no choice but to cancel her appearance on Oct 22nd.

So, is it live, or is it Memorex?

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