Does Fiorina actually give the GOP the best chance at beating Hillary?

No one has as yet started to plot the dynamics of a Clinton/Fiorina race. It’s way too early…the GOP race is still in flux, and there’s a growing sense that Hillary might just not make it to the nomination. However, it’s fascinating on so many levels to contemplate that possibility, and there seems to be something more than anecdotal evidence that Fiorina would have the best chance of beating Hillary.

Carly has soared in the polls, and her appeal among conservatives is growing. She has proven, in a very short time, to be a highly effective communicator and campaigner..all the things that Hillary is not.

Hillary is counting on the gender appeal factor, plus the desire to crack the glass ceiling in the Oval Office. Carly completely negates all of that. Indeed, as one who started out as a secretary, she could have a greater appeal to young, single women.

Carly lost, to Boxer, in deep blue California, by only 10 points. She did much better than her ticket mate, Meg Whitman, despite not having the benefit of $100 million of her own money to spend on the race.

Fiorina as the nominee takes the Dems’ tried and true “war on women”  meme totally off the table.

Fiorina comes off as genuine,  trustworthy, credible, and very likable;  all of which Hillary is not.

To quote one of her best lines from her stump speech,“Regardless of whether or not you favor my candidacy, there’s one thing you all know – that’d you’d love to see me debate Hillary.”

Hell, yes!!!  I’d pay good money to see that.

Hillary is being forced, by Sanders, to move much further to the left, to try and lock up the nomination. As it now appears there will be a real primary, instead of  the expected coronation, it will be much harder for her to move back to the middle for the general election.

Fiorina has been willing to toss strategically aimed grenades at Clinton from day one. She has repeatedly said that Clinton is a liar, and goes on to list the litany of her lies. Carly is the only candidate not afraid to use the word “liar.”

If she is able to motivate the conservative base to come out and vote next November (as opposed to Romney’s fail in that regard) and also neutralize the gender issue…maybe even peel away some women’s votes that might have migrated to Hillary, then it would seem to suggest that Fiorina has by far the best chance to beat Hillary; one might even say that she’d start out as a slight favorite in the race.

And for those who might still not be totally convinced of her conservative “bona fides”,  choosing a [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] or a [mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ] as her VP would go a long way to increasing their confidence; as well as offer the dream of 16 years of conservative Republican control of the White House.

One does not choose the nominee of the party solely on the basis of how that person will do in the election. (Indeed, those Democrats who embrace Sanders are contemplating that dichotomy at this very moment.)

However, the GOP field will soon be winnowed down to a half-dozen, give or take, and Fiorina will be at or near the top of that group. All things being equal, or reasonably so, it’s normal to then assess your choice of candidate somewhat in terms of how they’ll perform against the opposition.

Fiorina would seem to have a considerable advantage in that regard.

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