Pop quiz: guess how many Democrat senators who support Obama's Iran deal will be left in office after the 2018 elections?

I’m catching up with some paperwork this afternoon, and switching between the Cubs/Cardinals game and the Senate debate on the Iran resolution.

CRAP: Cubs blow the game..

Catching snippets of several Democrat senators attempting to cover their asses ….. it appears that the talking points they were handed stress the importance of using the phrase “despite the many flaws in this agreement I will vote for it..” (I stopped counting after Chris Coons said it SIX times) it occurred to me that, like the jackass which is the symbol of their party, they may not yet have learned their lesson.

Obamacare passed the Senate on a strict party-line vote. After the 2014 election, 30 (ONE HALF) of the 60 Democrat senators who foisted this monstrosity on the American people, were out of office; either defeated for re-election, or having chosen to retire rather than face a likely defeat.

Now, with 41 Democrat senators choosing fealty to Zero’s purported legacy over our national security, I hope they will soon start hearing the sound of voters brandishing pitchforks.

In 2018, there are 33 Senate races, with Democrats defending 23 of them ( plus 2 incumbents who caucus with them ( King and Sanders).

That’s a tough slog under normal circumstances, but given that the mullahs have already started to violate the agreement before it’s even signed, it’s  likely that ( how shall we put this?) “events” will have taken place in the Middle East before Nov, 2018, that will display Iran’s treachery (and the Democrats’ lockstep stupidity) for all to witness.

And it will cost them….a whole lot.

Unfortunately, we will also be paying the price for their stupidity.

I don’t see one GOP seat at risk in 2018, and I can easily see 10-12 that could switch…even in blue states, if, IF the GOP can find decent candidates.

Quickee predictions:

Feinstein (Cal) retires. Possible pick-up

Murphy (CT) he’s a goner.

Nelson( FL) retires. GOP gain

Donnelly ( Ind) he’s toast

Cardin (Md) retires..GOP could pick it up

Stabenow (Mi)..she loses

McCaskill ( MO) Bye-bye

Tester (Mont) already a dead man walking

Menendez (NJ) if he’s not gone before 2018..he retires..Christie wins the seat

Gillibrand ( NY) Jewish voters get a scalp here

Heitkamp (ND) she’ll have a voting record to hang around her neck

Brown (Oh) another loser

Casey ( PA)..his luck has to run out sometime

Kaine (VA) Voters will be sick of McAuliffe..the eyebrow pays  the bill

Manchin (WV) Joe retires, and the GOP easily picks up the seat

Baldwin (Wis) she’s just weak…a good candidate can take her

Look, you might take issue with my views on any number of these races, but overall, it’s hard to dispute that the Dems are gonna be in a whole world of hurt after 2018.


And there’s a good chance that this vote will have an impact on the 2016 elections.

Bennet and Blumenthal could catch a backlash. They already have problems.

It can give a boost to the GOP candidates in Nevada and Maryland..and if the mullahs do something really bad..and national security becomes a dominant issue, voters there might decide to send adults to the Senate, instead of ideologues.

And with good candidates, [mc_name name=’Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M001111′ ] and [mc_name name=’Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000779′ ] might not  have the walk-overs they were expecting.

To sum  it all up, for the next 3 years, the DSC ain’t gonna be the place to be..



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