Should Carly challenge Hillary to a debate now?

I was watching a clip of Carly Fiorina at a campaign stop this weekend, and she closed her talk with this line: “I know  what you’re all thinking, whether or not you support my candidacy, that you’d love to see me debate Hillary Clinton.”

And it got me thinking, so I thought I’d throw it out for discussion:

Is there any reason why Democrat and Republican candidates for President shouldn’t debate each other now, before the ultimate nominees are chosen?

I know that the GOP has threatened some penalties against candidates who engage in unsanctioned debates. First of all,  (hair-splitting here) I’m not sure if that applies to cross-party debates, but even if it does, it could well be worth it to Carly.

Let’s assume that Carly does very well in the upcoming CNN debate.  It’s still difficult to make your mark on a cluttered stage;  filled with alpha males posturing and preening against Trump.

So suppose the day after the debate, she publicly challenges Hillary to a woman-to-woman debate on the issues: anywhere, anytime, any forum.  Couch the challenge as an opportunity to make history for all women.  Who could resist that?

Tell Hillary she can pick the sponsor and venue…(even if it’s a HuffPost sponsored event with dailyKos, The Nation, and Vox asking the questions.)

The challenge would generate tremendous excitement. It would dominate the political news.  Who could possibly come out against it? After all…


At the very least, to do so would be sooooo un-PC. Every network and news publication would give their eyeteeth to sponsor it. Ratings would be through the roof.

Attention, League of Women Voters…..please pick up the courtesy phone! (To name just one possibility)

That works well for Carly. Oh, so very well…

Oddly,  it would also work well for Hillary. First, given her rapidly falling poll numbers, it would re-establish her image as the front -runner, and likely nominee.

And it would serve to distract attention from her growing email scandal troubles, and her imminent appearance before Gowdy’s Benghazi committee.

Carly’s been focused on Hillary with a laserlike precision.  Indeed, she’s the only  Republican candidate to call Hillary a LIAR, over and over and over. It seems that GOP males are still fearful of becoming Rick Lazio 2.0

It’s a huge win/win/win for Fiorina.

The pressure on Hillary to debate Carly would be huge. And should Hillary decline..citing some “rules” as the reason why; well, just think of the political “hay” Carly can make with that….

Hillary’s afraid to debate me…

Hillary says she’s worried about  a few debate rules, but thinks it’s perfectly OK to keep her own private server and email system.

It would also be difficult for the other GOP candidates to voice opposition to the all-female one on one debate. I mean, who would want to be seen as trying to stop an historic moment.

Carly….time to think outside the box.

Go for it!!



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