So why is Hillary's IT geek planning a Lois Lerner defense strategy?

Bryan Pagliano, a former State Dept staffer who worked on Hillary’s home-brewed email server, notified Congressional committees if called to testify, he would invoke his 5th amendment rights.


Let’s see now. The LAST person to do so was one Lois Lerner, who, while taking the 5th, also professed her complete and total innocence, and since then….well…nothing.

She’s retired from the IRS,  now collects her substantial pension, and sits home, baking cookies, and no doubt penning her autobiography, which she hopes will be sold to “Lifetime” and turned into a movie.

There is still considerable confusion and frustration among conservatives as to why she wasn’t given immunity, and made to talk. Yes, she’s a sleezebag, and guilty as hell of multiple crimes, and  has richly earned an orange jumpsuit; but many believe the country would be far better served giving her a pass if it lets Congress crack the IRS scandal wide open.

But this Bryan guy..he’s obviously done something he’s worried about..like maybe knowingly(unknowingly?)  assisting in the  dissemination of classified information…but he’s a really little fish.

So Congress should move to secure total, blanket, immunity for him as soon as possible, and make him tell all.  Spill the beans. And PRONTO!! This has to be done in concurrence with the DoJ, and of course we know who really pulls the strings over there..but it’s time to ramp up the pressure..to “keep up the skeer..”

Because now any further hint of a cover-up is really gonna hurt Hillary.

Voters are aware of Hillary’s email problems. She’s underwater in the polls. By a 2:1 majority, they think she’s “distrustful.” (Trans: that means they’re pretty sure she’s a lyin’ sack of excrement)

And if her tech nerd/IT guru won’t talk…and if the the grant of immunity gets “delayed,” then people are gonna put 2 and 2 together..it’s an easy “connect the dots” to figure out that Hillary’s hiding something.

Let’s put this in simpler terms.  Say that 2 years ago, a cable guy came to my house to install a new router, and now I’m subsequently being investigated by the FBI for stuff I posted online, and the cable guy pleads the 5th when asked to tell what he saw when he worked on my computer.

How’s that gonna look?

Note: As I am not a lawyer, I am not versed in the inner details of the immunity process, and how it must be coordinated between Congress and Justice. Hopeful, someone learned  will flesh this out. Thanks in advance.


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