The outline of Hillary's email defense takes shape: "I was too stupid to be Secretary of State"

With the latest release of some 6000+ additional emails, and the disclosure that some 150 of them have now been redacted because they contained “classified” information, Hillary now appears to be be in serious trouble and facing legal jeopardy.

The constant drip, drip, drip of news about the emails is sending her poll numbers somewhere below the political equivalent of the Mendoza line, and revelations about the mendacity of she and Bill, and their foundation, might well torpedo her candidacy.

But it is the FBI investigation into how classified, top-secret information made it into her email (and thus likely to Moscow and Beijing) that has the potential to cause her severe legal difficulty, and possibly jail time ( see Petraeus, David ).

Back in March, at the hastily called, and brief presser at the UN, she unequivocally vowed that “there was absolutely NO classified information”  on her email server; merely yoga stuff, cookie recipes and plans for Chelsea’s wedding.  (It was obvious to everyone that this was false. The dress size of the mother of the bride was top-secret.)

As holes rapidly appeared in  that first explanation, it “evolved” into that somehow she didn’t know that the information was top-secret because it wasn’t labeled as such.

Oh, really?

She receives, on her Blackberry,  an image taken from space of Putin taking a piss in the woods outside Moscow, which clearly shows that he has a puny little 3″ dick, and Hillary, while chuckling about it, doesn’t realize it could only have been taken  by one of our KH-11 satellites?

Hillary may feel that she has no other defense if she is to avoid criminal prosecution and jail time (hoping for a presidential pardon ain’t a defense) but it’s starting to translate as follows:

“Poor l’il ole me, I didn’t recognize top-secret stuff when I saw it, because the warning labels weren’t there. Some bad aides of mine removed them, and I couldn’t tell. Guess this means that I was just too stupid to be Secretary of State.  But of course now I’m ready to be your next President.”

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