Joe Biden IS running for President....(but just not right at this moment)

I’ve long believed ( and indeed have written here six months ago) that Liz Warren was running the perfect stealth campaign for president.  Despite the hopes of her many supporters that she enter the race, it made no sense for her to do so.  Why expose yourself early on to the all-out Clinton attack apparatus, and likely split the party in the process.

Instead, far better to sit back, say all the right things, and wait for Hillary to self-destruct from the multiple scandals, and her own ineptitude as a candidate.

But now, as Hillary’s woes have worsened, chatter about a possible Biden candidacy has dramatically increased. Most importantly, the VP has done nothing  ( unlike Warren) to stop it; rather instead he’s allowed friends and aides to say that he’s “thinking about it, ” and will decide at some future time.

And Biden’s been given the kid gloves treatment by everyone, which is his due for a while, given the recent death of his son. Everyone’s also attempted to lock Biden into a time frame….i.e. he HAS to announce by such and such date…because of the need to raise money, secure supporters, and the filing dates for primaries….yada, yada, yada..

But let’s suppose that Biden is playing a totally different game. He’s succeeded in instantly raising his profile among Democrats…the awareness of a possible Biden run. Everyone’s excited, because of the comments by the WH seeming to support a Biden run, and by his not-so-secret meeting with Warren.

But if he does run, after the initial excitement wears off, he’s faced with an all out war against the Clinton machine, with its near unlimited funds; a battle which will cleave the party, and could well make the election unwinnable for the nominee. Biden would have no recourse but to attack Hillary for the scandals and her many other failings. This could fatally damage both of them.

So now,  instead…sometime after Labor Day he holds a press conference (sure to garner a huge audience) and says something like this.

“After careful reflection and prayer, and consultation with my family and friends, I have decide not to be a candidate for the Democrat nomination  for  President.  You are all aware of the tragedy that has recently deeply affected our family, and my heart is too heavy to commit to the tremendous effort over the coming year  that  a campaign requires, and the American people deserve, of anyone who aspires to lead this great country.  Also, my party is blessed with several strong and highly qualified candidates, and the primary process these upcoming months will select the best person to be our nominee. For the rest of my term as vice president  I will do everything to assist President Obama in leading this country in the right direction, and if asked, to help our nominee to win the election next November.”

Huge cheers! A MSM love fest!! What a great guy!!!

And then Joe sits back, and waits for Hillary to implode.

The first step will be the  Benghazi hearings. It will be an utter disaster for Hillary. Then we should have more email leaks..and the opening  of an FBI criminal investigation. Huma and other aides spill the dirt to cut a deal for themselves.  Hillary then loses to Sanders in Iowa and NH, and her numbers are tanking in South Carolina.

Soon after..and there may need to be a few more primary losses..either she admits defeat, and throws in the towel, or top Democrats tell her it’s over, and force her out. I suspect that it will be Bill, ever the pragmatist, who tells her, “hey babe,  it’s time to go,” and negotiates the exit strategy…likely including a pardon.

Then the Democrat establishment turns en masse to Joe!!!

But now, what about Bernie? And his legions of supporters. Obviously, he can’t be the nominee. No way, Jose! It would be an electoral disaster, across the board…a throwback to McGovern, and/or Mondale.

No problemo. See, remember that little tet-a-tet between Joe and Liz? Well, they worked it out. If Joe runs, Liz will be his running mate, and Joe will announce up front that he’s gonna be a  one-term wonder..which nicely sets up Liz for 2020.

And the rapid left loves Bernie, f’sure, but they really, REALLY, REALLY love Pochahontas.  Bernie will bow out gracefully, one way or the other..maybe a just-discovered health issue..maybe a Cabinet post…but it won’t be hard to do.  O’Malley will get one also, any maybe the carrot of being considered as Warren’s running-mate. Or something..Look, for the party that can extinguish the Torch at the last second, this is a piece of cake. A snap!

So the convention will be a huge love fest; Biden will be nominated by acclimation.

To some, this may be far-fetched. But not really. Assuming that Biden does in fact want to run ( and of course he does) he has two separate and distinct paths to the nomination:

1. Announce now, or in the very near future, and immediately face the Clinton attack machine. And its oodles of dollars, all while you’re trying to raise money yourself. And you will be forced to attack Hillary on the scandals and other failures,and hope the FBI and the House Select Benghazi committee come up with lots of dirt.  This won’t be popular with the ladies ( ya know, Joe, that pesky “war on women” thingee Dems like to dredge up at every opportunity,)  and  doing so will invite retribution. Massive amounts of it. Lots of references to “plagiarism” and “plugs”, for starters. You’ll split the party, expend boatloads of cash needed for the general election, and just might end-up winning a prize not worth having.


2. Sit back, and wait for Hillary to self-destruct, as the scandals worsen.  Kick back, buy lots of popcorn, and let the FBI and [mc_name name=’Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’G000566′ ] do your work for your, and take her out. Your hands are clean, you’re above the fray…heck..you can even deliver the political eulogy after the fact.

This should all happen sometime between March and April next year.

And what about those “heavy heart” comments  back then. Heck..six months is a lifetime..two lifetimes..in politics. It wont’t even get a mention. And if it does, if he’s asked…he has a great built-in response:

“Just before he dies, my son asked me to run. I’m doing this for him, and because I love this country.”

Cue the tears, tissues, balloons,  and puppies….

We all know that Biden’s not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, the sharpest knife in the drawer;  but surely even he can figure out which is the better path to take.



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