Ann Coulter has completely lost her mind....and apparently so have a lot of conservatives.

The other day in Iowa, Ann Coulter was the opening act for the latest performance of the Trump three-ring circus. Possibly it was induced by the sheer elation of Trump’s plugging her new book, with the expectation that if she continues to be a camp-follower at future events, people will be bringing copies of her book up for her to autograph.

I used to be an admirer of Coulter. She’s intelligent, fierce, a superb debater and willing to confront the enemy everywhere. I was somewhat willing to overlook her early support for Romney, and her cheerleading for Christie.

But those mistakes indicate a willingness to forsake conservative principals and values when expedient to do so.

When Trump released his plan to deal with illegal immigration, she Tweeted “I don’t care if Trump wants to perform abortions  in the White House after this immigration paper…”

Astonishingly, there was almost no blow-back to this horrific comment. Trump’s supporters just ignored it.  It’s too easy to just attribute it to rhetorical excess.  Yet there are dozens of other trade-offs that Coulter could have used for her comparison construct.

But somethings should never be the subject of jokes. This one somehow made it past the legions of Trumpsters.  Apparently, teflon is transferable.

Let us now turn back the clock some 18 years, to what Nina Burleigh said of Bill Clinton,  “I would be happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.”

She was the object of scorn and derision by all on the right for months on end. And rightly so. In one sentence she managed to set back both journalism and feminism for a decade or more.

Of the two, Coulter’s comment is by far the worst. Yet, it somehow meets with the approval of Trump’s supporters. The great man, and his minions, can do no wrong. All past, and even present transgressions and sins are forgiven.

But I probably shouldn’t blame Coulter. After all, for decades Trump was a staunch advocate for “choice,” aka abortion on demand. He even told Tim Russert on MTP that he was OK with partial birth abortion.

So, why shouldn’t Coulter be OK with killing off a few million more babies if it GETS THE DAMN WALL BUILT!

That’s what politics is all about, right? What’s possible..the art of the deal…compromising..Boehner and McConnell would make that same deal in a fetal heartbeat. ( or rather,  a million of them)

Looking back, Coulter’s apostacy has been building for decades. Back in the day, she chain smoked “Gauloises, ” those disgusting, vile-smelling FRENCH cigarettes.

It was an omen.

Cheese-eating, surrender monkey FRENCH cigarettes? Gawd….

We should have seen it coming..



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