Hold on! Wait just a sec! THIS is supposed to be a BIG F***IN' Deal?

A little travellin’ music for our Democrat friends…

“Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

More and more Democrats, in a near panic about Hillary’s plunging polls, and the ever increasing email ( and other) scandals, have suddenly convinced themselves that Biden’s

Biden’s been observed the last week or so, walking around with a wistful, yet somewhat whimsical expression on his face, humming an old Clash hit:




But Democrats may well find themselves jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Biden, if he decides to run, will position himself as an extension of Obama…the so-called vaunted  third term.

That sounds good, but it also means that Biden will be forced in the general election, to defend two of the most unpopular pieces of legislation this century:

1. Obamacare

2. The Iran nuclear deal

Biden is as glued to these as his hair plugs are stuck to his scalp:

And let’s not forget that in the primary, Biden will be forced to defend another key Obama initiative…the Trans Pacific Partnership, which is anathema to Big Labor.

Yup! That should go over real well. About as well as  a fart in church.

The mere fact that Dems, along with many of their MSM sycophants, have already deluded themselves to believing that Biden’s running would be a

shows just how bad a mess the Democrats are in.

And since we’re in a musical mood this fine Monday morning, who better to succinctly sum up for us, (via a trio of their biggest hits), the current mindset of Democrats, liberals, and the MSM…than the great Little Anthony and The Imperials (also conveniently representing a key core Democrat constituency)

First, to speak to the Democrats’ convenient memory lapses:

Then, as to what Hillary is doing to the Democrat Party:

And finally, as they wake up today, and contemplate yet again Hillary’s polls, and the prospect of having Biden as their  anointed/appointed “saviour?”

But will the Democrats actually turn to, in the words of Millie Small (and  yes,  another member of their key core constituency) someone who now appears to

Tune in for the Countdown next week to find out!!


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