Should the rest of the Democrats try to force Hillary out of the race before she testifies in October?

Hillary Clinton, some 16 months before the election,  has now been forced into playing defense. That’s all she has left. She can’t talk about anything else except emails, and servers. Well..she can try, but nobody is paying attention. And as someone once noted, you can’t win if you can’t score..

Her “strategy” now is to hang on, bob and weave, duck,  and somehow win the Democrat nomination, after which the Obama coalition that won in 2008 and 2012 will all wake up, come to their senses, and rush to the polls on Election Day.

But if Democrats other than Clintonistas  feel that a) she’s a flawed candidate,  b) who the hell knows what else is going to come out of the investigation,  c) that she can’t reverse the trust deficit, and d) that they need another candidate, then it makes sense for them to try and move her out as soon as possible.

And “as soon as” means before she appears in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

As of this date, the FBI inquiry into her emails is gaining momentum.  There is considerable speculation that it will soon morph into a criminal inquiry, though Hillary herself won’t be the target. More likely it will focus on several of her key aides.

Like that’s supposed to be a blessing for her candidacy.  Really? What’s the first thing a President does? Name several hundred people to fill the key positions in the new administration. Hillary’s adroitness as a judge of character would thus be suspect, to say the least. And if the aides don’t fall on their swords, to spare themselves jail time, and give her up, well…..

The smart money says that the DoJ won’t move unless Obama gives a wink and a nod, or at the least looks the other way and goes off to play golf while the indictments are handed down.

Let’s be real, folks. She gets indicted, her candidacy is over.

So, if it’s going to play out that way..a slow, lingering death by a thousand emails, er….cuts, it makes far more sense to take her out now; and let others  ( Biden, Warren) move to occupy the sudden vacuum, and allow the party to catch its breath before the primaries begin.

Anyone who was alive during  Watergate  recalls how the nation was focused, indeed riveted,  on the Senate hearings. The TV audiences were huge. Before they began, 99% of the people outside of North Carolina couldn’t tell you who Sam Ervin was. By the time the hearings were over, he was one of the most recognizable men in America.

And that was back when we only had three TV networks; newspapers, and the big three news magazines, which published weekly. Today we have cable news 24/7, talk radio, the internet, and social media. Gazillions of Tweets….

Hillary’s appearance at Gowdy’s committee in October will be one of the most watched political events ever. And clips will be rerun for weeks.

Based on her recent inept and inelegant performances (at the UN presser, at this week’s orange suited Q&A) does anyone really believe that she will be able to pull off a bravura performance under questioning by Gowdy, [mc_name name=’Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’B001284′ ], and others.

And this time she won’t be able to turn around, walk away, throw up her hands, and tell the committee that “nobody asks me, or cares about this stuff, except you..”

She’s already had one semi-melt down; the  “At this point, what difference does it make,” appearance in front of a Senate committee.

Democrats have never been shy about dumping a loser. They extinguished “the Torch” and illegally substituted Lautenberg, as just one example.

At some point soon they’re going to have a serious conversation about Hillary, and rather than just let her twist and die in the wind, and cost them multiple down ballot races in key states.

Hillary won’t go voluntarily; she’ll need to be pushed.

So why wait?


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