Why are so many conservatives, including many here at Red State, willing to trust Trump, but NOT Boehner or McConnell?

And yes, it’s a rhetorical question, but one I can’t answer.

I am not a fan of Trump. Let’s make that clear up front. I’ve written about it here extensively.   But that’s not the issue.

It’s fair to say that the overarching theme at Red State these last 8 years has been that of near- total disgust with the GOPe, with its failure to keep campaign promises, and the utter contempt it has displayed for the conservative base of the party.

We read, and pen,  endless diaries about the failings of McConnell and Boehner, and the rest of the Republican leadership. They promised us that Obama’s policies could be blocked if we elected a Republican House. We did so, and they did nothing. Well, not quite. They  did whine… long and hard… about how the House was really only “one-half of one -third of the government,” so we really couldn’t expect them to do much, but boy oh boy, golly gee..if we went  and elected a Republican Senate, then by gum, we’d f’sure see Obama getting stuffed every which way from Sunday.

So we worked our asses off, and gave of our time and treasure, and gave them a GOP controlled Senate, and we got ..nothing.

Look, none of this is news to anyone reading it. We got used/conned/screwed royally in 2010, 2012, and 2014, and it looks like more of the same in 2016, if the GOPe has its way.

And we all know what has to be done. Boehner, McConnell..the whole crew has got to go. They simply can’t be trusted.

So now, enter “The Donald.”

There is no argument (and the polls support it) that he has touched a nerve in a great many Americans. He is saying what no one else will; he is addressing the issues that until now, nobody would touch. And he is forcing the other candidates to confront these issues. In military parlance, Trump is “shaping the battlefield.”  And I give him all due credit  for doing so.

But if we continue to excoriate the McConnells and the Boehners, if we can’t wait to “lock & load” and go RINO hunting and toss all the bums out; I have one question to pose to Trump supporters:

Why are you all so willing to believe that he will now keep his word?

There is no argument about his past:

1.He was strongly pro-choice for decades

2.He was a registered DEMOCRAT from 2001-2009.

3.He endorsed a single payer  ( government run) health care system.

4.He gave far more money to Democrats ( including the Clintons) than he did to Republicans, let alone conservatives

5.He has just recently admitted that in many instances he self-identifies more with Democrats that Republicans.

6. He has not committed to supporting the GOP nominee ( other than himself)

I could go on..there are many more. None are in dispute.

So again I ask his supporters: Why are you so willing to believe him now? 

Just because he rants, and spouts a few words that resonate; you’re instantly willing to ignore a lifetime record that suggests the opposite.

If Boehner and McConnell stood on the front steps of the Capitol, and announced that yes, indeed… the sun will come up tomorrow,   most of us would instinctively doubt them; and rightly so, for they’ve  richly earned our distrust and disbelief.

Yet because Trump now has this….what?…. a metamorphosis?…. a come to Jesus moment? ..that we’re now all supposed to rejoice and feel the rapture?

Nope. And for the life of me I can’t understand why so many of my fellow conservatives are so willing, so eager, to suspend belief.

Many here often cite Scripture. That is a good thing. There is wisdom and truth in the Bible.

I would offer Matthew 7:15 for their consideration.


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