Welcome to the "ignorant and/or untruthful club," Chuckie ( and maybe the Senate Dem leader slot isn't a lock after all?

Yesterday, Chuckie Schumer used the cover of the massive MSM focus on the first GOP presidential debate, to quietly announce that he will oppose Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

If not for the debate, this would have been the top story for several news cycles; instead, it’s  now barely a blip on the screen.

Schumer, widely perceived to be the heir apparent to Dem leader [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ], was lobbied extensively by both sides. Schumer said that while he will explain his vote to his Democrat colleagues, and encourage them to oppose the agreement, it should be a free vote of conscience for each senator, and not  as a result  of party loyalty or the desire to support Obama.


Welcome to the “dark side,” Chuckie ( at least for one day) You are now officially a member of the GOP “ignorant  and/or untruthful” club.

So how does it feel?

Chuckie, time to maybe peek over your shoulder..listen to the footsteps. Dick Durbin, who  thought the had the leadership slot locked up, until you shoved him aside, has yet to announce how he’ll vote.


And in a quick response to Chuckie’s decision, an Obama supporter said that “how can the Democrats elect a leader who has come out  against the president’s two biggest legacy initiatives?” (Rememer, earlier this year, Chuckie said that “doing Obabmacare” was a mistake.

Seems Chuckie has stared into the abyss and didn’t like what he was seeing.

Turns out that the abyss, aka Dick Durbin, and Obama, are staring back, and Chuckie may end up getting swallowed. And let’s not forget that Pelosi is all-in for the Iran deal, and has been counting on a unified Democrat front to support the legislation.

If Durbin does vote to support the Iranian deal, then there will be a leadership fight in the Democrat caucus,  regardless of the final outcome of the Iran.

And let ‘s not forget that Hoyer’s tepid comments about the deal, a few days ago, may signal that he’s gonna try one last time to whack Pelosi after the 2016 elections; especially if the Democrats continue to do lousy in the House.

So..“shalom” Chuckie baby…and don’t let the temple door hit  you on the “tuchus” on your way out…



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