A suggestion for congressional Republicans: If the IAEA won't divulge the secret deals with Iran; well, let's just cut our UN contribution by 50%.

Obama’s still secret nuclear deal with the Iranians includes two secret agreements between the IAEA and the mullahs. Yet Kerry has supposedly never seen these, and according to no less an authority than the Iranian delegate to the IAEA, the US is actually  prohibited from knowing  the details in these agreements.

So  it ‘s way past time to stop playing games, and end all the pseudo-diplomatic and political posturing.

The public is opposed to the Iran deal by a 2:1 margin, and the same percentage believe the deal makes the world less safe.

Congressional Republicans should announce that unless all details of the agreements are made public by 9/11 ( a little symbolism on my  part) INCLUDING any and all side deals between Obama and the mullahs, as well as the the agreements between the IAEA and Iran, the next US appropriation for UN funding will be  at 50% of present levels.

This is easy..even McConnell and Boehner can’t screw it up. No 60 vote  threshold in the Senate, no veto to override. If Obama doesn’t like it, there’s really nothing he can do about it.

And of course the Iranians are free to use their $100 billion+ windfall to make up the shortfall.

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