If Dems think Biden's the answer, they are truly delusional

As Hillary’s poll numbers sink, and the headlines about her many scandals increase, Democrats are starting to publicly admit what many have known for a long time: their putative candidate is deeply flawed, not trusted by a majority of Americans, and may be facing serious legal issues in the coming months.

Thus, we are now seeing a plethora of stories to the effect that Joe Biden is mulling entering the race. As Hillary’s  problems increase, Biden, due to the tragic death of his son, has been able to avoid getting drawn into the discussion, but we now seem to be at the tipping point, where Joe will have to make some public expression of interest.

We’ve already seen the MSM chiming in.  Dick Harpoolian, former chair of the SC Democrat party, told MSNBC that  “Hillary will die a death of a thousand cuts.”(BTW, does that qualify as a “war on women?”) Maureen Dowd detests Hillary, and in today’s  rant…er, column, she all but calls for Biden to take the plunge. Others have suggested, (as did I, several weeks ago) that Biden will not run unless he has secured a pledge from Obama for an endorsement.

One can make a plausible case for this scenario, and Democrats could then all exhale, except for one little problem.

Biden ain’t the answer…..

There is only ONE rationale for a Biden candidacy. That is, as a third Obama term.

And that dog won’t hunt!

Obama’s popularity/approval  is about that of Hillary’s..46%. And that’s before the Iran deal, the TPPP trade deal, amnesty, and a few other goodies start to impact the numbers. While Obama joked that “if he could run, he’d win a third term,” a poll released a few days ago shows that only ONE THIRD of voters would re-elect him, and even among Democrats, that number is a mere 57%.


My own assessment is that Biden won’t run, despite ever-increasing calls for him to do so. Obama won’t risk the fallout from dissing Hillary, and Biden won’t want to face the scorched-earth campaign the Clintons will throw at him. ( Imagine all those pictures of Biden sporting “plugs” re-emerging, along with the plagiarism charges.) And let’s not forget that in his two early WH runs, he was an all around pretty lousy candidate.

That, and the fact that Biden can use his son’s death as an honorable way to retreat from the political field of combat. He’d go out on top.

Which is why the Democrat nominee will be Liz Warren. Pochahontas is running the perfect stealth campaign. The nomination will be handed to her.

Once Democrats realize that Hillary can’t cut it, and Biden won’t do it, they can’t then turn back to Hillary.

Enter Liz.

And they’ll be able to work out an accommodation with Bernie. Sanders knows he might pull out the nomination, but has zero chance of winning the election. So they’ll find a way for him to withdraw gracefully ( maybe a “newly discovered” health issue?)

He’ll enthusiastically endorse Warren, and he’ll get a whole lot of goodies for doing so. Bernie’s always shown a strong pragmatic streak, and this time, he’ll cash in big.




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