IMPORTANT! UPDATED 7/27: Preibus, you dumb ass: Did you hear what Trump just said? "I identify with some things as a Democrat"

 Well, well..looks like Preibus was paying attention after all ( Mods may now apologize)

RNC chief: GOP candidates should pledge not to seek third party


Trump: ‘I identify with some things as a Democrat’

Reince..you’ve got one last chance.

Get him out of the debates now.

He self identifies as a Democrat.

He has threatened to run as an third party candidate. He will NOT sign a pledge to support the party’s nominee.

For decades, he maintained he was staunchly pro-choice. This is THE key issue for the GOP base, and for a majority of the American people.

Preibus, wake up, grow a pair, and tell Trump go  suck an egg, piss up a rope, and  if he wants to run for President, tell him to enter the Democrat primary.

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