WWCD? ("What will Chuckie do?)

Maybe it should read “JWTHICSGDN?”

“Just what the heck is Chuckie Schumer gonna do now?”

One of the longest running inside the Beltway jokes was that the most dangerous place to be in Washington was between Chuckie Schumer and a camera. The man was noted for his eagerness to get face time with the media, and would hold a presser at the drop of a hat.

Now, just as he is about to see his lifetime ambition realized, and ascend to the pinnacle of power as leader of the Senate Democrats, and possibly/hopefully majority leader of the Senate in 2016, he’s gone silent.

He’s all but disappeared. Chuckie’s flying way low under the radar these days. Poor Chuckie, he’s got a big problem; actually a whole bunch of them, and, well..what’s a guy to do?

The leader of his party doesn’t have to run again, and is busily, and viciously, focused on screwing up the country ( er,….”transforming America”) before he leaves office.

And Schumer is going to have to decide if he’ll follow Obama off into the lunatic fringes of the left. Consider:

*Will he support the nuclear deal with Iran? Will this finally drive his Jewish base of support out of the Democrat party? Many of those opposed tot he deal say that if it passes, it will be Chuckie’s fault. He can kill it.

*Will he vote to end federal funds to sanctuary cities?

*Will he support  Kate’s law?

*Will he vote to defund Planned Parenthood? Or will he condone the killing of innocent babies for profit?

*Will he support Rev Al, and the Black Caucus, as they make “Black Lives Matter,” and its supposed corollary, that police are inherently racist, a mantra for the 2016 campaign.

*Will Chuckie be able to stand up and say that “black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter,” without getting shouted down at the Dem convention. Would he dare do that?

There’s probably a few more that I’ve omitted, but hey, that’s enough for starters. Heavy indeed is the load on poor Chuckie’s shoulders. For if he whips his caucus to support Obama, and these policies, he can pretty much give up any hope of winning the Senate, and becoming majority leader.

Indeed, the enormity of the problems facing ole Chuckie is inversely proportional to the amount of time he’s in front of a camera.

The old American Express slogan was “Membership has its privileges.” Chuckie now has the dubious “privilege” of trying to lead the Senate Democrat caucus.

Good luck with that,Chuck.


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