See there, Black Lives DO Matter......to MSNBC: Alex Wagner, Ed Schultz, The Cycle GONE, but Rev Al lives on ( for now?)

In case you missed today’s least important news, the changes, (and heads) at MSNBC have begun to roll

Cancelled are Ed Schultz, Alex Wagner, and The Cycle ( which means that we also get to say bye-bye to that avowed racist and anti-Semite, Toure….a “twofer” if you’re keeping score here)

Chuck Todd, “El Rushbo’s” favorite punching bag, gets a new one hour gig, and Brian Williams will be doing something or other.

It was long overdue. MSNBC’s daytime ratings were in the crapper. Across the board.

But lookee  here who escaped  the ax. Rev Al.

Not to toot my own horn, but way back  in 2013, I suggested that

The chickens are beginning to come home to roost: MSNBC can’t fire Al Sharpton

Sharpton’s ratings are actually WORSE,  against his competition, than are those of the cancelled shows in their respective time slots.

Possibly the new head of MSNBC, Andy Lack, feels that the Rev has come a long way in dealing with the teleprompter.

Or more likely he lacks the guts to pull the plug on the race pimping Rev.

Rumors swirl that rather than be summarily canned, the Rev will be offered a Sunday slot, which Sharpton will of course decline because it would interfere with his ability to preach on Sundays.

It’s the new math. NBC saved about $50 million from by not having to eat Brian William’ contract.

Now they can just write the check to the Rev..



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