Hey Reince, you just got a sneak preview of the first GOP circus, er.....debate. Happy?

Well, well Chairman Preibus, I guess your little chat with the Trumpster was a rip-roaring success after all. Yup, he calmed down, “toned it down”…and now look.

Reince, you were just treated to a sneak preview of what the first GOP debates are going to be: a three NO Trump circus. Everything will be all about The Donald, all the time.

And it’s all your  own goddamn fault. You could have, should have stopped this early on. Cut it off at the pass.

It was so easy to do. From 2001-2009 Trump was a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT, fer pete’s sake. He’s given far more money to Democrats than to Republicans. He was for decades publicly, proudly, pro abortion.

You could have easily said no..this is NOT a Republican, this is not what we stand for, and he will NOT be allowed to participate in our debates.

Yes, there would have been a little kerfluffle..for a few days. Trump would have held his breath, threatened to sue.  BFD. The MSM would have had a ball, but they love beating up on us anyway.

And then, it would have died down..

But because you wouldn’t stand up to a  joker, a bully, well..that’s what happens. Just like Obama and Kerry caved to Iran, you wouldn’t put this clown in is place.

And now, when the GOP can command the nation’s attention for our primary process; when we are blessed with many solid, genuine, conservatives wanting to lead our party, and our nation, we end up with this garbage.

You let TV networks decide who will appear onstage. And you’ve allowed this clown Trump to totally dominate GOP politics to date.

And really good people,  like Fiorina and Jindal, will NOT be present at the first debates, but No-Trump, he’ll be the center of attention,  the “star.”

It will all be about him…

It’s all happening on your watch, Reince.

But hey, dude, you have a good day. Cash your paycheck. Hire some more consultants and operatives. Buy more ad time and space, and  skim off that 10-20% for your pockets.

And then, maybe post another insipid diary here at RS, telling us all just how smart and great y’all are, and how good  the future looks..

But Reince, know this:  Be assured that if we lose in 2016,  because of what YOU have done, the GOP as you know it is dead, over, finished, kaput, toast.

If we can’t win the White House, after 8 years of what Obama has done to this country, well then, there is no earthly reason for the Republican party to exist any longer.

Hell, we supposedly have GOP majorities in Congress, but they can’t do a damn thing either. Our so-called congressional “leadership” is too busy figuring out how to resurrect the Ex-Im Bank by attaching an amendment to the highway bill.

Yup, that’s why we worked our asses off in 2010, 2012, and 2014.

But I won’t shed a tear if the GOP goes the way of the Whigs.

It’ll be a very small price to pay if we can save this country.


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