If Biden runs, could Obama NOT endorse him?

Donald Trump has dominated the political news, yet there were multiple reports last week that Joe Biden is getting very close to jumping into the race for the Democrat nomination. The VP is still dealing with the tragic death of his son, and we heard stories that shortly before his passing,  Beau Biden had uttered a “death bed” wish that his father should run for the White House.

“Draft Biden” is gearing up in Iowa and New Hampshire, raising funds and hiring staffers. Several name Democrats are publicly urging him to run.  It’s reported that Biden will make a decision within a month. Supposedly he’s assessing the impact  the campaign will have on his family.

That’s pure BS. The Bidens are the quintessential professional political establishment family. It’s who they are, it’s what they do. Period. Biden and his advisers are closely monitoring Hillary’s collapsing numbers, and Bernie Sanders’ soaring popularity with the Democrat base. If they feel that Hillary’s vulnerable (for a whole host of reasons) Biden’s likely to jump in.

But what’s curious is that in all the stories speculating whether Biden will or won’t run, the obvious BIG question hasn’t been asked, yet alone examined in any detail.

If Biden runs,  must Obama automatically endorse him? And if he does, what does that mean for Hillary?

Given Obama’s continual, and increasing focus on his “legacy,” the next Democrat  nominee is really running for a third Obama term. And who better to see Obama’s vision realized than the man who has been at his side for 8 years, supporting every policy initiative, and mounting a vigorous, though often clumsy defense, of his boss.

If Obama failed to endorse Biden, it would almost an act of self-repudiation. And if it’s not  a matter of policy, then Obama can’t really tell the Democrat voters that Biden is a) too old, or b) too dumb to be president.

I suspect that Biden has already made overtures to Obama, saying that he of course wants to run, but  would do so only if Obama endorsed him. I can’t see Biden announcing his candidacy unless he already has Obama’s endorsement in his pocket. And I can’t see Obama staying neutral. I don’t think he wants to, and it would be almost impossible to pull it off. Every future  policy action, every comment, would be viewed first in the context of how it  helps, or hurts, either Biden or Hillary.

And I suspect that Obama really wants to stick it to Hillary and her husband one last final time. Put the long knife in, and twist it.  The Obamas have no real love for the Clintons; the memories of the 2008 campaign, and the Clintons’ dirty tactics still rancor, especially with Michelle.

Hillary’s attempting to distance herself  from Obama early  on in her campaign.  She can’t totally repudiate him; but neither can he  walk away from her. After all, her was the one who appointed her. The whole email mess is  now starting to blow back onto his administration.

I suspect Obama will be carefully watching how Hillary negotiates the minefield of the Trans Pacific partnership, the Iranian nuke deal, and a few other live grenades. If she opposes Obama,  it’s a given that he has to endorse Biden.

Hillary’s entire strategy was designed to provide a carefully staged cakewalk to the nomination; allowing her to say almost nothing about anything and everything; a few faux town meetings with carefully screened vignettes with “average” Americans, and oh yeah..ignoring the media.

She would then use the billion or so she’s been raising to carpet bomb whoever the GOP nominates, and presto, she’s moving back into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and the Clinton “restoration” is complete.

Bernie Sanders has exposed hidden weaknesses in Hillary herself, and her strategy. Clinton may have been worrying about [mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ], and if Fauxcahontas had run, it would have made Hillary’s life miserable, but Obama could easily have stayed out of it.

If Biden runs, Obama can’t, and won’t remain neutral. Indeed, if Biden runs, it means that he already has Obama’s endorsement.  It’s just a question of how and when  they drop the bomb on Hillary.

And when that finally happens, they can remove the server from the secure location in Chappaqua, and use the space to construct a rubber room.

Hillary’s gonna need it, f ‘sure..


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