Maybe the CIA should hire Francisco Sanchez?

It’s fascinating to watch how the MSM, and yes, even the conservative media, focuses on the key issues that are developing in the murder of Katherine Steinle by Francisco Sanchez, an illegal, in San Francisco.

In descending order, this seems to be the sequence of media attention:

1. The tragedy  of this beautiful, innocent young woman murdered, in mid day,  while walking with her father at one of SF’s most popular tourist attractions. We’re appalled at this callous, wanton act, and we all wonder if it could happen to us.

2. Close behind is how this dovetails with Donald Trump’s assertion that Mexico is sending us hordes of rapists and murders. Trump was getting excoriated across the board, for his supposedly horrid, racist comments,  when, “mirabile dictu,” it turns out that is exactly what Mexico is sending across the border. So Trump has become a key part of this story.

3.The intramural war and finger pointing between ICE and the SF Sheriff’s Dept as to who is responsible for letting Sanchez go free to wander the “Streets of San Francisco.” I mean, there’s no way that Karl Malden and Michael Douglas would have allowed this to happen in THEIR city, and if “Dirty Harry” had been on the job, well..

4.We’re actually starting to question this whole concept of “sanctuary cities,” and what we should now do about them. And yes, it’s fun to watch the pair of California’s “Pigeon Sisters” senators, Feinstein and Boxer, run for cover.

5. The MSM is askance that Sanchez was released, to walk around and then commit murder, given that he was a SEVEN TIME felon. Gee, maybe “rehabiliatation” doesn’t work, and we should start focusing more on recidivism rates. And nowwe’re presented with the image of Sanchez  ( whom we’re already being told seems to have “mental” issues”) being tenderly, gently , escorted into court by a bevy of lawyers. Young Kate Steinle won’t have as many pallbearers at her funeral as Sanchez has mouthpieces; all of whom are paid for by our tax dollars. And yes, Steinle was gainfully employed, and paid taxes.

6. Lastly, we’re reminded in most of these stories that Sanchez was deported from the US five times.


If , IF we had a secure border, Sanchez wouldn’t have been able to get into this country, and Kate Steinle would be alive today. This should be the FIRST thing we focus on.

But of course, that’s far too easy an explanation.

Talking about tens of thousands of illegals crossing  the border every year is, in one sense, an abstract concept. We hear the number, yet we really can’t grasp it, or its implications.

But Kate Steinle puts a face, an image, to the problem. And now we must confront it.

So, either, we have  totally ineffective border security, or perhaps there’s another explanation:

Francisco Sanchez is in fact a superb, self-taught, covert operative, able to pass through tight border security at will, or operate in the open country, evading all our high tech surveillance methods and equipment.

In which case, the CIA should stage his suicide in prison, then spirit him off to one of their secret locations. A little cosmetic surgery, and he can easily pass for Korean. They can then send him to penetrate the Hermit Kingdom. Pyongyang’s always in need of agricultural and/or construction labor, and Sanchez has the requisite skill set to easily blend in. He says  he want s to make amends..here’s his big chance.


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