"Tail Gunner Trump"

Sen. Joe McCarthy is best known for attempting to make the case that the US government was riddled with Soviet spies and Communist sympathizers. McCarthy was of course, correct,  ( just Google “Verona Project”) but was unable to successfully make his case to the American people, in part because of his tactics and his temperament  ( no doubt  fueled by his alcoholism)

The left reacted to McCarthy not by confronting his allegations, but rather by the tried and true tactic of destroying the messenger. Thus “McCarthyism” has become the near universal brickbat the left to this day tosses at Republicans.

The scornful identifier  “Tail Gunner Joe” derives from McCarthy’s attempt to embellish his service during WW II. (McCarthy served  30 months in the Marines, and  flew a dozen combat missions. He later attempted to claim some 32 missions)

Trump is no stranger to self-promotion.

“Tail Gunner Joe” was also the title of a 1977 TV movie, which aired on, (yup, you guessed it) NBC a few months before McCarthy’s death. It was a one sided smear of McCarthy’s life,  and of course was lauded by the MSM and the left in general. It won 2 Emmy awards, and actually managed to portray Drew Pearson as a good guy/hero.

Which brings us to “The Donald…”

I’ve already express my utter disdain for Trump, and my total disgust  at the RNC for allowing Trump to insert himself into our primary process. Here’s the links which detail the many problems a Trump candidacy poses for the GOP:

Dumb. DUMB!! If Republicans think that Hillary’s finances are a scandal, just wait until we get a look at Trump’s.

Chairman Priebus: Where is Donald Trump’s financial disclosure statement?

BTW, I should point out that as of today, Trump has yet to file the necessary documents to be an official candidate. And he has not said how he will handle his complex assets and finances.

Now Trump has instantly managed, via a few insipid and bombastic comments,  to make himself the center of attention, and in the process totally shut out all the other GOP candidates, except for making them answer if they agree with Trump  that “all Mexicans are rapists.”

Trump resonates with that percentage of Americans who are disgusted with what is happening inside the Beltway, and how politicians of both parties are ruining the nation, and lining their own pockets in the process. After politicians who only speak out of both sides of their mouth, as well as another orifice, Trump’s faux anger seems refreshing. Which explains why he’s risen in the polls.

McCarthy’s failed crusade enabled the Communists and their sympathizers to continue their penetration of the US government for decades. Every time serious evidence surfaced of Communist espionage, it could be dismissed as “McCarthyism.” It took two decades, until Reagan was elected, to begin to turn it around.

“Tail Gunner Trump”  will, unless he is soon aggressively confronted and stopped, end up destroying the GOP primary process, by turning it into a freak show,  and then make it impossible for us to elect a conservative next year.

Let’s not forget that it was another, earlier, loud-mouthed narcissistic egomaniac, Ross Perot, who handed Bill Clinton the 1992 election, and well, just look at how well that turned out for conservatives, and our nation.


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