Ya gotta love Bernie!!! Sanders may well be the GOP's secret weapon for 2016

It’s long been axiomatic in American politics that in the primaries, you run hard (left or right) to your base, then move to the middle for the general election.

Right now, Hillary Clinton is pivoting hard to her left, attempting to lock down her base.  There are many problems with her candidacy, and many flaws with her campaign, but right now she is driven by one overriding concern:


Iowa wasn’t the “beginning of the end” for Hillary in 2008, but it definitely was the “end of the beginning” for her.  ( Which may explain why this time out she’s doing multiple “beginnings” for her campaign; the latest, and hopefully last kabuki-like event to be held this Saturday in NYC)

Hillary finished 3rd in Iowa, behind Obama and Edwards. Both ran to her left, on social justice issues AND the Iraq war. What was expected to be a coronation instead became a rout, and she never recovered. She was on defense from that day forward.

Now, in the race for 2016, she was hoping for nomination  by acclamation…a”bye” in the primaries, if you will.

Instead, crazy-ole Bernie jumped in with both Birkenstocks.

Sanders, a committed socialist, wants to fulfill the wet-dreams of every leftie in the Democrat base (aka Iowa Democrat caucus-goers.) He’s for a 90% top income tax rate, free everything for just about  everyone, and his latest..two weeks paid vacation for every worker..


Crazy, you say?

But not so for the 41% of Iowa straw poll voters who last week said they prefer Sanders to Hillary.

Yes, it’s early, and the polls are somewhat, shall we say..mischievous in nature, but you know she’s worried, and she’s doing what comes naturally..trying to outflank her enemy.

And the more she does that, the harder it’s going to be for her to try and move to the “middle” in the general election.

The RNC could probably find no better use for several million dollars today than to donate them to Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Hillary MUST knock out Bernie, for if she fails to win Iowa convincingly, if the polls show her doing poorly;  then lurking in the shadows is her ultimate nightmare, Liz Warren.

Warren, as I’ve suggested previously,  is running a near-perfect stealth campaign for the White House. Hillary stumbles, and the Democrat base will be begging her to run.

So Bernie…Godspeed to ya!!! ( even though you don’t believe in God). Stay healthy, have fun, enjoy the ride.. and keep on truckin.’