Why is the GOP leadership rushing to a vote on the trade deal WITHOUT forcing Hillary Clinton to state her position?

Sometimes, you just want to go bang your head against the wall.

The Democrat Party is engaged in an all-out civil war….or if you prefer, a  major intramural dispute over the TPP legislation, with most House Democrats strongly opposed to granting Obama, who just happens to be the head of their party, the fast-track authorization to negotiate a deal.

The GOP, ever the party of free trade,  is working hard to advance the legislation, and whip the votes to give Obama the win he so desperately craves. Increasingly, conservative Republicans are opposed to this.

However, this is nothing compared to the Democrat’s dilemma. The House Democrat leadership, Pelosi and Hoyer, have still not said how they will vote on the bill. It looks more and more that they’re hoping that Boehner and the GOP leader ship can get the votes, which will then allow them to conveniently vote against the bill.

Moe Lane has a great diary on the front page today , On behalf of the GOP, I would like to thank the AFL-CIO for NY-04 and CA-07. The AFL-CIO has announced it will campaign against two Democrat congressmen who support the bill, which may well deliver the seats to the GOP in 2016.

But regardless of whether or not you support the bill, Boehner and all the GOP leadership are being incredibly stupid ( but that shouldn’t surprise us, eh?) as they are rushing to a vote BEFORE Hillary Clinton, the presumptive 2016 Democrat nominee for president has been forced to state if she supports the bill or not.

She’s ducking the press, refusing to answer questions, holding carefully staged events with  pre-screened “regular” voters. She’s increasingly moved left, following her party toward the edge of the cliff. Just the other day, Bernie Sanders ( who he?) almost beat her in an Iowa straw poll. You think Hillary doesn’t notice that?

Obama has come out strongly for the bill. It’s one of his hoped-for legacy pieces of legislation. If Boehner and the GOP want to deliver it to him, Republicans will deal with the consequences of that vote in later elections.

But why give Hillary a pass? Especially when she has handed the GOP a superb opening.

The other day, Hillary took to the stage, and called out  GOP presidential candidates by name for supposedly attempting to suppress minority votes, and all the usual hard-left bulls**t. She’s trying to lock down her base.

But since she named names, it ‘s time for Boehner and the GOP leadership to stand up and play hardball, and support our candidates.

All Boehner has to do is hold a presser, and announce that the House will NOT vote on the bill until Hillary Clinton states her position, yes or no. Every other candidate of both parties, save Clinton, has announced how they will vote.

Force Hillary to either repudiate her base,  or her husband.

But for us to expect GOP leadership to be smart….nah….