Chairman Priebus: Where is Donald Trump's financial disclosure statement?

Reince, can we talk?

You like to post here occasionally, so I  assume that one of your staffers keeps an eye on Red  State.

By and large, I think you’ve done  a decent job as RNC chair; definitely much better than your predecessor, who has gone on to luxuriate in his role as the token black Republican on MSNBC, and happily bashing the GOP at every opportunity.

However, you are very close to REALLY SCREWING THINGS UP if somehow Donald Trump gets a slot at the first debate, on FOX, while a Carly Fiorina, or a Rick Perry, or a Bobby Jindal is excluded.

Trump is a narcissistic buffoon. He is also NOT a conservative, and hardly even qualifies as a Republican ( if one measures the amount of money he’s donated to democrats in past years.

I’ve detailed all that’s wrong with Trump here: Dumb. DUMB!! If Republicans think that Hillary’s finances are a scandal, just wait until we get a look at Trump’s.

Since that time, Trump has called his fellow candidates “idiots” as well as as choosing to attack Charles Krauthammer.

And you’re suggesting that we allow this blowhard on the debate stage, where he’s guaranteed to say something stupid and outrageous, which will immediately become the MSM’s key take-away from the debate, and shown incessantly in 30 second clips.

So, Reince, why?

Are you/we THAT stupid? We have a superb chance to win the White House, and keep control of Congress.


If you haven’t noticed, Fiorina has just released a very detailed financial statement of all her assets, as well as her income tax returns, both federal and state.

So, Reince, where’s Trump’s information and data?

To be considered a real candidate, and qualify for the debates, a person must meet several criteria,one of which is releasing a financial disclosure statement.

Now, every other potential GOP candidate, save Trump, has been vetted financially in previous campaigns. There are NO skeletons in their closets.

So end this now. Announce that Trump has until, say June 30th, to release financial disclosure data, and tax returns, in a format identical to what Fiorina has done, or he won’t be considered for the debates.

Reince, get ahead of this now, or believe me, you will regret it the night of the FOX debate if Trump is on stage. It will be a debacle, and it will be your fault.



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