Elizabeth Warren continues her near-perfect campaign for the White House

Much is being made in the MSM today that “Run Warren Run,” the group that garnered some 350,000 signatures in its online petition to convince Liz Warren to run for president, is shutting down.

However, instead of viewing this  as the end of an ill-fated-from-the-beginning action; instead Warren supporters should secretly be rejoicing, and polishing their granny glasses and birkenstocks for the upcoming massive GOTV efforts in  Iowa and New Hampshire.

Three months ago I posted a diary on Red State “Liz Warren is running the perfect campaign for the democrat nomination,”

Let me post the two key money lines:

“Warren has said multiple times that she’s not running, but she has studiously refrained from any Sherman-like categorical denial.”

“Far better to stay quiet, say all the right things, and let Hillary continue to self destruct.”

Absolutely NOTHING has changed in the last 90 days. She still has not uttered an unambiguous denial of interest, and Hillary’s poll numbers have cratered.

Indeed, what better day to announce shutting down RWR than on the day that new polls show that Clinton’s unfavorability rating has hit 50%?

Already, some 40% of Iowa Democrats indicate that they prefer nobody (aka Saunders, O’Malley, Webb) than Hillary.

Saunders is a buffoon, and has no chance. His recent comment that he’s “OK with a 90% income tax rate for the wealthy” shows that he’s not ready for prime time. O’Malley looks and sounds like a central casting vision of a Democrat (think Robert Redford in “The Candidate,”) but after Baltimore…. past, present, and what is yet to come…he too is toast.

All Liz has to do now is sit back and watch [mc_name name=’Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’G000566′ ] and his House Special Committee on Benghazi flay Hillary, while the continuing soap opera that is the Clinton Foundation and its unsavory financial dealings play out in the MSM.

There is, however, one thing that Warren should do: send Carly Fiorina a check, and encourage fellow members of her tribe to do likewise. Fiorina has shown a laser like focus on Hillary, and is fearless in her criticism of the Countessa from Chappaqua.

And then, likely this fall, when Hillary’s much vaunted “inevitability” appears to be headed to an inevitable walk off an electoral cliff, the democrat party will turn to Warren.

If only Liz Warren could show the same strategic brilliance to devise a campaign to defeat ISIS as she is in taking down Clinton……