Dumb. DUMB!! If Republicans think that Hillary's finances are a scandal, just wait until we get a look at Trump's.

Follow the money.


Follow the money. It holds true for the Clintons, Boeing, FIFA, and also, especially so, for Donald Trump.

The GOP is about to shoot itself in the foot yet again by confusing name recognition with popularity, and give Donald Trump a slot on stage for the first debate, on FOX, while likely excluding a Carly Fiorina, a Bobby Jindal, and a Rick Perry.

Trump is NOT a conservative. He is a self-promoting, narcissistic blowhard.

He is also a total idiot.

Remember his CPAC speech in 2014, when he killed off Jimmy Carter?

Remember his CPAC speech this year, when he questioned Obama’s birthplace?

Do we really want another gaffe like that?

You can be assured that he will say something equally stupid during the debate, and that it will be THE  ONLY STORY about the debate  that the MSM blathers about incessantly.

We have a superb, diverse, serious, and well qualified field of candidates this time. Anyone  of whom would be far preferable to Hillary.

And because the Democrat primary is a kabuki-like walk-over, the GOP has a golden opportunity to showcase its candidates to the public, and present their vision for America unfiltered by the liberal media.

But let’s say hypothetically that everything I’ve said about Trump is wrong; that he’s in reality the ideological love-child of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

There is still no way he can be a viable candidate for the nomination.

Because there is absolutely no way that he would be able to meet the financial disclosure requirements, and, were he to somehow be elected, he would not, could not, put his empire into a blind trust. It wouldn’t work, and he is not going to liquidate everything and put it into Treasuries, or an index fund.

And for that reason alone, he should not be considered a viable candidate, and should be barred from participating.

Trump’s a very private person as to his finances, yet  in his personal life he’s always embraced the tabloids, because, as a true huckster, he knows there is no such thing as “bad” publicity.

We won’t hear anything about this campaign cycle about Bill Clinton’s multiple sexual escapades. The MSM won’t interview Monica.

But if Trump is the nominee, we will hear INCESSANTLY  about Ivana, and Marla..and oh yeah, let’s not forget about  how Trump told the NY POST’s Page Six that “sex with (present wife) Melania is the absolute greatest ever..”

Are we kidding ourselves here? Are we that stupid?

Many of Trump’s deals are toxic. Early on in his career, he almost went bankrupt. He was insolvent, but the banks didn’t want to pull the plug because they didn’t want to take the write-down.

Remember, “if you owe the bank a lot, you in effect own the bank.”

Then there’s Trump’s many Atlantic-City casino fiascos.

That’s just what we need. The GOP candidate having to explain away his involvement in the sewer that is Atlantic City and casino politics.

There is no doubt that Trump has  many times in the past paid bribes to make deals happen. He’s all but admitted it several times.

We conservatives are exasperated at the as-yet unwillingness of the MSM to investigate the Clintons’ finances.

If Trump were the GOP nominee, you would see thousands of reporters descending on the Trump empire, and tearing apart every single detail, every transaction, interviewing everyone and anyone he’s ever done business with. If would resemble a mass of buzzards tearing apart the carcass of a dead animal.

I won’t even mention that Trump was a registered Democrat from 2001-2009, and after that, an Independent, before supposedly seeing the true light and becoming a Republican.

There is no way that the RNC should allow Trump to participate in any of the debates that it is sanctioning.

And it’s very easy to bounce him from the stage.

All the other candidates hold public office, and as such, have many times completed financial disclosure forms, and have been vetted. There are no skeletons in their closets.

So, Chairman Preibus,  merely tell “The Donald” that he has to complete a detailed financial disclosure form, which will be released online, and then to explain how, were he to be elected president, he would handle his assets.

There is no way Trump will liquidate his holdings and/or place them in a blind trust.

He’ll fold, and walk away..


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