GOP should use "Baltimore" to defeat Obama's amnesty

At some time in the near future, the riots in Baltimore will subside, people will begin the clean up, and attempt to rebuild their shattered lives. And the inevitable claims, counterclaims, and recriminations will begin. We’ll hear yet again about the “root causes”: poverty, bad housing, lousy schools, no jobs…..

We’ll be told that the answer is MORE!!!  MORE of everything. MORE money, MORE programs, and if course…MORE  government.

Conservatives know that’s not the answer. In fact, the big MORE is the problem. Baltimore, and Maryland, have been dominated by liberal Democrats for almost 50 years. Balitomore is a majority black city. Baltimore’s mayor and police commissioner are black, as is about half of the police department.

So maybe the new slogan de jour should be “black lives don’t matter to other blacks?”

For Republicans and conservatives, it’s hard, if not impossible, to present viable solutions that can compete with a one-word concept: MORE! Conservative, free-market concepts don’t translate well on Twitter and Vine.

Since the end of World War I, military doctrine, be it at the platoon, company, regiment, or division level, has taught  NEVER  to engage in a frontal attack. Either outflank the enemy force, or find a chink, a weak spot in their position, and drive though and crack it wide open.

It’s time for Republicans to identify the Democrat’s “schwerpunkpt”  and apply the maximum direct force to their weak point.

Blacks are by far the key constituency of the Democrat party. In terms of numbers of reliable voters, if Republicans could garner 25% of the black vote nationally, the Democrat party would be relegated to permanent minority status.

Which brings us to Obama’s amnesty.

Today we have the bizarre situation of the first black president attempting to unilaterally legitimize tens of millions of illegals, mostly poor and unskilled. These people will compete with economically deprived blacks for schools, housing, resources…the whole MORE!!!

Yet blacks, and elected black officials, continue to overwhelmingly support the man whose policies are most detrimental to their well being.

Republicans must realize that that the presumptive Democrat coalition of blacks and latinos is fatally flawed.

Then they must move to crack it wide open, and destroy it. And yes, Republicans..there is a successful model for this course of action.

Look to Ronald Reagan, and what he did to the Soviet Union!

Remember the USSR, that supposedly invincible, inevitable example of communism?

Reagan realized it was an economic paper tiger, a house of cards, and he cracked it wide open, and destroyed it, by outspending it to death. He made them realize they couldn’t hope to compete with America. So the USSR ended up on the “dustbin of history.”

So Republicans need to tell blacks that, OK..we’ll give you the MORE!!! you want, but we can’t do it if we’re going to spend trillions more on illegals. Look what Obama wants to give them. Housing, education, medical..heck…even tax refunds. And once they’re here legally, they WILL take away the jobs of most poor blacks.

In other words, to put it simply…if you, blacks,  want  the MORE!! then vote against amnesty. And if your elected officials won’t do so, then elect new representatives who will.

Take dead aim at the Congressional Black Caucus.


Yes, absolutely so! But also guaranteed  100% to be effective.

Bribery? In a matter of speaking, yes.. but all politics involves bribing  the voters to some extent.

Look, we’ve spent trillions to date on a multitude of anti-poverty programs and countless other “initiatives.” What do we have to show for it?


Oops..that’s wrong. We do have lots to show for it.  We have an almost $20 trillion deficit, and a growing black underclass..we’ve destroyed the black family…and the next generation  is vastly under educated and with very little hope for the future.

We must end white liberal hegemony over the black vote in this country. We conservatives have for decades been trying to win by proposing better solutions. A good idea in theory, but has it worked?

In one word, NO.

Why? Because we haven’t focused on FIRST cracking the Democrat front.  Peel off enough black voters from the Democrat party. Get blacks to oppose amnesty, and the Democrat party is finished, like  the USSR.

And then, with a solid majority,  we can deliver, keep our promises to our black citizens. But with conservative, free-market solutions.

One example.We’ll spend the money to help rebuild inner-city schools.  But only if major reforms are made, like allowing unlimited charter schools, and ending teacher tenure.

There are many more conservatives solutions to the problems facing the black community. But first we must have the chance to implement them, and we can’t do so unless we crack the  alliance between black voters and the Democrat party.

I’m somewhat loathe to keep coming back to military analogies, but I find I must do so, because they speak to the truth. This is war, folks, a war for the very fiber and fabric of our nation, and what type of nation we will leave for our children and grandchildren.

And to win a war, you have to defeat the enemy FIRST. The US, after, WW II, managed two magnificent feats of nation building; in Germany and Japan. But first, we destroyed the wartime leadership of  those two countries.

To win our war for the future of America, we must defeat the Democrat party, which increasingly wants to pull  the country hard left.  The Democrat party has morphed into a quasi-radical entity in the last half-century. The strength of its liberal, predominately white leadership, lies  only with the votes it can generate.

Remove one key component of that vote, and the Democrat party fails.

The ongoing mess in Baltimore has given the Republicans a unique opportunity to make their case to black America.

Oppose amnesty, and we’ll give you the MORE!!