Judging by the body language and facial expressions of George Stephanopoulous and Lanny Davis, Hillary is in deep doo-doo.

Peter Schweizer, the author of “Clinton Cash,” did two live interviews today on the Sunday shows. He was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos on ABC  and  Chris Wallace on FOX.

Stephanopoulos’ ties to the Clinton’s are well known. Indeed he spend more time trying to discredit Schweizer than he did examining the facts and allegations raised in the book.

Wallace’s interview of Schweizer was followed by the assertion that they had invited to the Clinton campaign to have someone on the show to respond to the charges, but they declined. So, in an attempt to be fair, they dragooned long-time Clinton sycophant Lanny Davis to try and defend them.

George started out vigorously trying to make Schewizer come across as nothing more than a card carrying member of the VRWC. After a few minutes, he was pretty much going through the motions.

Davis looked like someone who was sucking lemons while trying to decide between undergoing a proctology exam or a root canal.

I went back, hit the MUTE button  and watched portions of both interviews. You can do so yourself. Here’s the links:

Lanny Davis


Schweizer acquitted himself superbly, but forget the audio..the words, charges, denials from Stephanopoulos and Davis. Watch their body language, the slumped shoulders, the “I’m-tired-of-this-already-and-we-still-have-to-do-this-s**t-for-18-more-months” hangdog looks on their faces.

And remember, these two guys are two of the best at their craft, and they can’t sell it.

Just wait until Hillary has to face the media. It won’t be pretty, she won’t be able to seem credible, to give any sort of a plausible explanation of any and all of it, and the American people will realize that she is unfit to be President.