Why is Bob Menendez smiling today? Hint: What did I do different from Hillary?

It’s been a rough few weeks for NJ Democrat Senator Bob Menendez. After days of leaks about an impending indictment, Eric Holder’s Justice Department (after a long and lengthy investigation),  finally dropped the hammer on ole Bob, accusing him of multiple counts of corruption, influence peddling, etc. Menendez was forced to step aside as ranking member on the Foreign Relations committee, while speculation runs that the indictment is payback for Menendez’ opposition to Obama’s policies on Iran and Cuba.

Let’s be perfectly clear here. I have no doubt whatsoever that Menendez is guilty. He’s your prototypical NJ slimeball pol. He stands accused of doing lots of favors for his major political benefactor, like getting visas approved for the guy’s multiple girlfriends, in exchange for significant campaign contributions, as well as enhancements to Menendez’ lifestyle (private jets, luxury vacations, etc.)

Menendez followed the standard Democrat script: he held the obligatory pep rally, denied all the charges, and vowed to fight to prove his innocence. The as yet unanswered question is whether or not the feds have flipped his benefactor (who is no poster boy for good citizenship, as he faces multiple counts of Medicare fraud) and cut him a deal in order to claim Menendez’ spot.

But now, with the imminent release of a new book detailing how Hillary Clinton, while SecState, traded favorable foreign policy decisions for multi-million dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation, not to mention huge speaking fees for Bill, Menendez has to be smiling, if not grinning ear to ear Cheshire-cat like this morning.

Bob won’t say it, but his attorney surely will..or rather, pose the question:

The charges leveled against Hillary are so monumental, so potentially damning, that there is no way that the Justice Dept can ignore them. They MUST open an investigation.

If they don’t, then Menendez can cite that omission as proof that the charges against him represent political payback for his opposition to Obama’s policies.

And Republicans can make the case that failure to investigate is proof of the corruption inside the DoJ, and that Holder is covering up Hillary’s crimes while SecState, to protect Obama.

At best, Menendez escapes….he gets lost in the Clinton mess, and will likely announce his retirement. At worst, well he does time, but he’ll take down Hillary. It’s somewhat of a consolation.

BTW, if McConnell has any smarts ( I know, I know…silly me) he should send the Loretta Lynch nomination back to the Judiciary committee…to ask her if she will in fact pledge to investigate the charges if she is confirmed.

And Democrats can contemplate the vision of their presumptive WH nominee under investigation while busy campaigning. I suspect that Liz Warren must be practicing her war dance. She’ll be in now, f’sure.