Hillary's announcement video.... LGBT couples: TWO; Churches: ZERO

One odd thing about Hillary’s official announcement video (well, lots of  things, actually, but this one was jarring in a way): it gave a shout out to every Democrat special interest group. Blacks, Latinos, single moms. It featured a gay couple and a lesbian couple..I suspect there were  bisexual and transgendered persons in there, but how could we possibly tell?

Somehow they resisted they impulse to show Hispanic looking people wading across a river…but, hey, it’s early in the campaing.

What was missing…glaringly so….nary a church steeple…or pictures of Americans at worship. These have been central to every political image ad since , well…forever.

But at least there were no mosques.

And what else wasn’t there?


Guns. A gun..any gun.

Maybe they wanted to include both, but the subliminal image was that she ‘d shoot the SOB.

Rather than distancing herself from Obama, Hillary is embracing him in one respect……she’s running hard against the “bitter clingers”..

The Democrat Party is officially a NGNG zone…NO GOD, NO GUNS..