Anyone know if Thad Cochran is still alive, or at the very least, "compos mentis?"

Where, oh where, is the senior senator from the Magnolia state?

Red Staters are well aware of the criminal farce that was the 2014 Mississippi Republican primary election. Haley Barbour and the rest of the GOPe dragged Cochran out of his bathrobe and slippers, wiped the drool from his chin, stocked the van with Depends, got him to run again, and then used the vilest of campaign tactics to narrowly win the runoff election. Cochran easily won the general election.

A month after the election, Cochran’s wife, who herself became a topic in the election, died of dementia.

But since then, where’s Thad?

Possibly he’s been busy moving out of the basement apartment and into the home of his long-time paramour, and staffer.

But that shouldn’t take 4 months.

Has he spoken in public? Has he appeared in public? Has he chaired any committee hearings?

He’s chair of the Senate Finance Committee….at at time when our national debt is about to cross the $20 TRILLION mark.

Google turns up nada.

The good people of Mississippi should demand proof of life.

Or at least proof that Cochran ‘s boat still has all the oars in the water.

How about demanding that he speak on the Senate floor for 15 minutes..extemporaneously….no notes..about any topic whatsoever.

The Iranian crisis, the debt ceiling?

Heck, I’d settle for having him congratulate Ole Miss and Mississippi State for their outstanding football. Two bowl games! Awesome!!

Time to “show us your marbles, Thad!”