Is a bad white cop automatically a racist?

99.9% of the stories about the South Carolina cop accused of murder begin with some variant of this sentence:

White South Carolina ( or southern) cop shoots unarmed black man in the back, killing him.

The officer in question has been fired, and will stand trial for murder. The process will unfold, the system will work.

So then, is the MSM conducting its own version of the Starbucks”conversation” about race?

Is every interaction between a white cop, and a black man….. even one presumably guilty of a crime, defined by race.

Some would say yes…..they would have you believe that a percentage of cops are not only thugs..but racist thugs.

Much of liberal America..like our president, believes that America is  inherently evil, and that Jim Crow racism  permeates the psyches of most whites, and especially white cops..to this day.

If we allow them to put forth this warped perspective…then we will end up with more Fergusons..where the false “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative triggered weeks of violence, rioting, and looting, and has all  but destroyed the city.

Officer Slager  is guilty..the video evidence is overwhelming.  But how and why  do we leap to the “conclusion” that  this event was triggered by a racial impulse on his part?

Is Sabrina Erdely coordinating the narrative here?

Reports indicate that in his 5 year career, Slager had three minor negative interactions with black civilians. That’s actually quite an impressive statistic. If he were indeed a “racist”..there would be a far lengthier track record of offenses.

Let’s learn more. What’s the racial composition of that police force? What do the black officers on the force think of Slager. You work with a person for 5 years, you share a locker room with him every day… you trust him to have your back…you’ll have a pretty good sense of who the man is..and if he is in fact a racist.

But simply because a white cop, especially a white southern cop…shoots a black man, it is instantly all about race. So the FBI, and the Justice Dept  (Erick Holder’s Justice Dept…which sees EVERYTHING thought the prism of racism…) jumps in, piles on, and soon the professional rabblerousers..the Al Sharptons, the Jesse Jackson, the combined Congressional Black Caucus will show up, megaphones in hand..,,marching hither and yon, to and fro….all designed to promote their warped view that America is racist at heart, and we have made zero progress since Selma.

Let’s go one step further. Assume the facts of the case were the same, except that the cop was black, and the dead man was white.

Would there be even one percent ( if that) as much attention paid to the story by the national media? Would the FBI and the DoJ even bother.

And more to the point, would we assume that the cop hated honkies?

No, no, and no.

A bad cop used bad judgement, excessive force, and killed a man who died needlessly. For this, the officer will face justice.

But to automatically assume that this is indicative of all that is supposedly wrong with America…that is simply not true.