The stupidity of petulance: Obama's outing of Israel's nuclear program actually proves that pending deal with Iran will fail

The latest example of Obama’s hostility to Israel, and loathing of Netanyahu, came to light  last week when the DoD declassified a formerly top-secret 1987 report that laid bare Israel’s nuclear program.

Joe Cunningham covered the details  here at RS:

What has not been discussed is how the release of the report  validates the claims that Obama’s imminent surrender  deal with Iran is actually doomed to failure, and all but guarantees a nuclear capable Iran in the very near future.

In 1958, Israel began construction of a nuclear reactor at Dimona, in the middle of the Negev desert. Much of the work was done by French companies and technicians ( many of whom would build Saddam’s nuclear complex at Osirak 20 years later..and which was destroyed by the Israeli Air Force in 1981)

The US was aware of the large construction activity at this nondescript site due to   U-2 surveillance, but it was ignored by the higher levels at Defense and State. Back then, most US officials were supporters of Israel, though official US policy was supposedly neutral.

When the story began to leak, in the early 1960s, Israeli PM Ben Gurion admitted that Israel had built a small research reactor in the desert, but said it was only  intended for “peaceful research purposes.”

What happened next is superbly told by Rodger W. Claire in his 2004 book “Raid on the Sun,” the story of Israel’s 1981 strike at Osirak:

“……To offset protests Israel promised to allow inspection teams from the US into Dimona  to confirm that no weapons development was taking place.

A team of scientists and nuclear specialists from the AEC  (Atomic Energy Commission) was duly sent to Israel. Climbing through the tunnels and excavations, the inspection team members found no evidence that the reactor was being used to produce weapons………What the Americans did not know was  that they were looking at a nuclear version of “The Truman Show.” Ben Gurion had ordered the construction of a false control room, replete with fake control panels, a jimmied computer, and needles and dials displaying phony readouts from a putative tiny 24 megawatt research reactor.

The technicians had practiced the charade for weeks……there could be no mistakes. The inspection team, after all, was not stupid.

But the team was completely fooled.”

There ya go.

Now, Obama may want to contend that the Israelis are better at deception than the Iranians. Perhaps. But can we be assured that IAEA inspectors are better at their jobs than those from the US? I don’t think so.

Hardly comforting.

But wait..there’s even more.

In the mid 1960’s, US intelligence began to question the real intent of Israel’s nuclear plans. Part of their effort focused on just where Israel was getting the enriched uranium fuel for its reactors.

It seems that in the early 1960’s about 200 lbs of enriched uranium….sent by Westinghouse to to a small Pennsylvania company called Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) simply disappeared.

BIG OOPSIE!!!!  (as my daughter would say when she was little.)

NUMEC’s head, one Zalman Shapiro was a huge supporter of Israel, and had many friends in the Israeli government. NUMEC attempted to explain the inventory shortage as a “bookkeeping” mistake..

Investigations continued for almost a decade, but nothing was ever proven, and the matter was allowed to quietly die. The final nail in the coffin was the 1973 Yom Kippur war. Israel was surprised by the twin pronged attacked from Egypt and Syria, and facing the prospect of defeat, then PM Golda Meir ordered nuclear bombs mated to missiles and fighters. She then let the US ( through Kissinger) know that unless the US immediately began to resupply Israel with military hardware, especially fighters, Israel would be forced to use nukes in her defense.

Bad enough if Israel nukes a few Arab cities. Far worse if it comes to light that the US supplied Israel with the uranium used to make the bombs.

And so it ended. The US immediate began to airlift supplies to the IDF and IAF, and the question of the missing uranium was never mentioned again.

But what is obvious is that any deal that Obama agrees to with Iran will fail, because the Iranians cannot be trusted to allow open and honest inspections. The story of how Israel achieved its nuclear capacity proves that any inspection regime will be worthless.

And Obama’s release of the report lets the cat out of the bag, as it were.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!!

But  exactly what we have come to expect from this President.