Red State contest: Guess how many of Hillary's emails will pertain to Benghazi?

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State for 4 years. That’s  1460 days. She’s announced that she has just turned over to the State Dept all of her relevant emails, (she’s considerately omitted all  those related to planning for Chelsea’s wedding)…..some 55,000 pages. Now admittedly, we don’t know if there is more than one email per page…but  probably not. So, if we do the math, that works out to 38 emails per day. That’s not really a whole lot for such an important person. So, one would suspect that we’re not getting to see all of them.

UPDATE: Politico just reported that the State Dept has turned over 300 emails..totaling 900 pages..BOY…that really changes the math above..55,000 pages = 18,300 emails = THAT’S ONLY  AN AVERAGE OF 13 PER DAY..THAT WON’T FLY

However, the 38 number is an average. Even if  it were in fact derived from the true number of her emails, it’s intuitive that on some days, there’d be less than 38, and on some days, like when something really big and important was happening in the world…..(hmmm..like maybe an embassy getting attacked and overrun, and the ambassador getting killed) you’d think there would be a whole lot more emails flying back and forth. A whole lot more! Lots! More!

So if 38/day was the average number while she was in office, how many would there be in a time of real crisis? Twice as many? Three times…four times..five times the average number?

Ya think?

So, my fellow Red Staters..here’s a little contest for y’all this fine Sunday. Hillary WANTS you to see her emails..she’s Tweeted that fact.  (unless someone hacked into her Twitter account?…..oh wait, Anthony Weiner tried that one..alas, it didn’t work)

So, after Marie Harf gets through reading them all, and releases them, how many do you think there will be about Benghazi for the three week period from 9/11 -9/30?

If it’s just based on the supposed average number of emails..that’d be about 750.

I suspect it’s going to be a lot less than that, and that’s going to be a BIG problem for her. It will strain credulity .

(Unless, of course, Hillary comes up with a CTS ……carpal tunnel syndrome…defense. She wasn’t emailing much because her wrists hurt.)

But back to our contest. Submit your guess as to the number of emails that are released, and deal with Benghazi, for the period 9/11-9/30.

The Red Stater who comes closest, without going over…wins an autographed selfie from Moe Lane

(Note to self: check and make sure Moe’s down with that)