Chris Christie's BIG opportunity: Demand that Hillary answer questions, like he did at "Bridgegate" press conference

Chris Christie’s nascent WH bid is struggling. He’s way down in the polls, and facing an uphill battle to gain traction.

However, the recent revelations about Hillary’s DIY email system have given the governor a superb opportunity to thrust himself back into the national debate, and in the process gain favor with Republicans of all stripes.

Anyone remember “Bridgegate?”

For days it was the obsession of the MSM. Convinced that Christie’s hands were dirty, it was front page on every newspaper, and the story led the nightly news.

Christie denied any responsibility, and held a “no-holds-barred” presser. He made a statement, then he stood there and answered any and all questions. He stood there until even the reporters ran out of  things to ask.

Christie should now call on Clinton to  do the same thing, to immediately schedule a press conference,  and also to chastise the MSM for not demanding that she do so. He should point out how differently they are handling the two issues, and ask (rhetorically) why that is?…..then answer the question in his own inimitable style.

And he should do this every day, until Hillary agrees. Go on every cable news outlet every day…call and email all the editors of all the major newspapers (and release the emails) demanding that they call Hillary to account for her actions.

It’s without a doubt a golden opportunity for Christie.

It puts him back into the national discussion.

It points out the hypocrisy and bias of the MSM.

It will gain him immeasurable good will among Republicans.

The opportunity presents itself,Governor. Seize the moment!