Liz Warren is running the perfect campaign for the Democrat nomination

Very soon a lot of Democrats will come to their senses, and ponder the scenario of their putative nominee dealing with scandals over her emails, financial shenanigans at the Clinton foundation, having to testify before the House Special committee on Benghazi……and, as if it possibly couldn’t get any worse, there’s the strong possibility that her husband, who’d be back inside the WH if Hillary won, will be compelled to testify about just what went on at Pedophile Island, and just why he was hanging out with a convicted sex offender.

[mc_name name=’Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’W000817′ ] is a lot of things….but above all she’s smart  and calculating.

And oh yeah..one more thing..she’s running for President. And unlike Hillary, she’s running a perfect campaign.


Every senator and governor believes that they could do a great job as President.

2016 is Warren’s only chance. She’d be too old in 2020, and as Americans are prone to give their presidents two terms, she’d be decrepit by 2024. And if she stays in the Senate, she’ll have compiled a record she’d have to defend…

Warren has said multiple times that she’s not running, but she has studiously refrained from any Sherman-like categorical denial.

She’s being pushed/poked/prodded by the left wing of the Democrat party to run, but why should she declare before her main opponent announces. Were she to do so now, she catches hell, and splits the party.

Far better to stay quiet, say all the right things, and let Hillary continue to self destruct.

If/when Hillary drops out, Democrats will turn to her as the savior. She’ll be handed the nomination.

And her running mate will be former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley. He’s all but declared..he’s Warren’s stalking horse.

Liz Warren is running for the White House, and so far she’s running a perfect campaign.