Will Biden's epitaph read "Better here than Uruguay, er...Guatemala"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech this coming Tuesday to a joint session of Congress will be seen by tens of millions around the world. The image of Bibi at the podium, with the Speaker of the House, and the Vice President, as the presiding officer of the Senate, seated behind him, will dominate the media.


Because Biden won’t be there. He’ll be in Guatemala, possibly to provide instructions (in Spanish)  on how to apply for amnesty, to those who have yet to cross into the US illegally.

Biden was directed by  a petulant White House to get out of town while Bibi’s in DC. [mc_name name=’Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’H000338′ ], as President Pro Tempore of the Senate, will fill the seat.

Biden was originally charged with the crucial mission of representing the US at the inauguration of Uruguay’s new president. There hasn’t been such excitement, such anticipation in Montevideo since the German pocket battleship “Graf Spee” blew herself up in the harbor during WW II.

At the last minute, due to a bad cold, Biden had to bow out of the Uruguay trip. Instead, he’ll be sent on a shorter voyage, to Guatemala. The important thing, for Obama,  is that Biden not be in Washington, in order not to be seen publicly shaking Netanyahu’s hand.

Biden’s an idiot. A buffoon. Period. And now, he’s an even bigger idiot for agreeing to get out of town.

Biden has been talked about in passing as the possible Democratic nominee in 2016. He had, a best  a 5% chance. He’s been making a few speeches of late in key states, but has put together almost no organization. He’s been weakly going through the motions, in advance of the expected Clinton coronation.

But now, all of a sudden, the waters are more than a little muddied. Hillary no longer seems an absolute lock. The scandals involving the Clintons’ fundraising for their foundation, the story of Bill’s many  trips to Pedophile Island, and Hillary’s proven ineptitude as a candidate……all are possible obstacles to her nomination. Indeed, if polls suggest she can’t win, she’s likely to bow out.

Imagine if Biden, after being told to make himself scarce this week, had refused.  Suppose he’d said to the White House (and  of course hadleaked to the MSM)…”No dammit, I’m staying, and attending Bibi’s speech..and I’ll smile and shake his hand in front of the cameras, and meet with him. Israel’s our long  time friend and key ally in the region. This is too important.”

What’s Obama gonna do..fire him?

Issue an Executive Order evicting him from the Naval Observatory? Or get the Park Service to immediately commence a two year renovation of the place?

Biden would instantly have catapulted himself into contention. He’d have gained…dare I say it….”gravitas.”

And if Hillary were to decide to bow out, the “new and improved Joe” would be in a very strong position to thwart Liz Warren.

So, just as the “Graf Spee” scuttled herself in Montevideo, Biden is about to do the same to any presidential ambition he harbors, except that the scene has shifted to Guatemala City.

And lest you think that I vastly overestimate the importance of what I believe to be this seminal moment, I offer an example of another Vice President who stupidly threw away his chance to occupy the Oval Office.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I give you…….Al Gore.

Immediately after the House voted two articles of impeachment against Clinton on Dec 19,   1998, the entire House Democrat caucus decamped the Capitol, and piled into buses for the short trip to the White House. There, they held a pep rally on the lawn for Clinton. And the head cheerleader was….. Al Gore, who proclaimed loudly that:

1. Clinton was innocent

2.The entire proceeding was a political stunt  concocted by evil Republicans.

3. Clinton was an absolute saint.

If early on in the Lewinsky saga, senior Democrats had gone to Clinton, told him to resign, Gore would have become president, and likely won easily in 2000. The country was at peace, the economy and the markets were booming, and Gore would surely have at least found 537 more votes in Florida.

Instead, Gore and the congressional Democrats chose the path of blind worship of Clinton, and put his remaining in office ahead of their duty to the country (and, ironically as it turned out, their party as well.)

They are repeating the same mistake now with Obama. In six years, he has “successfully transformed” the Democrat Party  to a near-permanent minority status in both the Congress and  the state houses.

I have written here many times that after another two years of Obama..amnesty, Obamacare, the Middle East imploding…that NO Democrat…not even Hillary.. can win the WH in 2016. Democrats won’t repudiate Obama, and the country will not  then vote for a third Obama term.

However, had Biden chosen to stand up to Obama on principle, he would have had a good chance of pulling it off.

Instead, he’s chosen to exchange the possibility of four years in the Oval Office for the dubious pleasures of 2 days in Guatemala City.

“Say it ain’t so, Joe…”

But it is.