What's wrong with this picture? We give Algeria $100 million+ each year in foreign aid, and Algeria sends $500k to the Clinton foundation.

[mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ] hasn’t hesitated to go after the Clintons, and the burgeoning scandal involving contributions by foreign governments to the Clinton foundation should give him a lot more ammunition, especially if he frames the issue in the right way.

The story so far concerns the impropriety/illegality of the Clinton foundation receiving contributions from foreign governments while she was SecState, as a means to curry favor with the State Dept.

Absolutely true..and it’s a big problem for her. But there’s another aspect to the story.

Algeria receives more than $100 million each year in US foreign aid (apart from military assistance). Yet in 2008, Algeria gave the Clinton Foundation $500k to be used to help Haiti after the earthquake.

Algeria also spent almost $500k MORE on lobbying in 2008.

The WaPo reports that the Dominican Republic also donated to the Clinton Foundation..though the specific amount was not given.

The Dominican Republic? Seriously? Like they can afford to give away one dollar

We give the DR some $200 million each year in foreign aid.

Sen Paul last year started the conversation on the value of foreign aid. He’s backed off somewhat after the  inevitable wailing about the “inhumanity” of ending it. But there’s another way to come at the question.

Here’s a worthy line of inquiry.

Let’s see the list of all countries that receive foreign ( non-military aid) from the US.

Let’s see the list of what those countries have spent on lobbyists in DC.

Let’s see the list of those countries who have donated to the Clinton Foundation, and other humanitarian  ( UN and NGO) agencies.

And let’s introduce a bill that FORBIDS any country that receives US foreign aid from paying any lobbyists, or donating to any humanitarian agency, under penalty of forfeiting future US aid.